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Born21 July 1980
Alma materUniversity of Virginia
Member ofMintPress News
Interest of"Philip Cross"

Lee Camp is an American stand-up comedian, writer, actor, and activist. He is the host of the weekly comedy news show Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp on RT America and he also hosts the Common Censored podcast with Eleanor Goldfield.[1]

Jason Zinoman wrote in The New York Times that his appearance on the channel: "raises questions about the comedian’s independence."[2][3]

Lee Camp told Rachel Manteuffel of The Washington Post Magazine that the Russian government funds his show, explaining:

"One of the reasons I'm at RT America is because there’s no advertising. If there were advertising, no channel really wants someone who goes after corporations as much as I do."[4]

Redacted Tonight

Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp

Summary of 14 February 2020 edition:

Pete Buttigieg appeared on the national stage out of nowhere during the 2016 election for the DNC chair. Now we're being told he's a front-runner in their primary. This might surprise any normal voters but his deep connections with US intelligence might help explain his success. Lee delves into those ties and paints a picture of Buttigieg as more than just a political opportunist. In "Taking the News From Behind" Lee follows the drama and technical glitches in the DNC primary so far, he lets Michael Bloomberg expose himself as a racist, and he gives a positive update from Julian Assange in London.

Anders Lee reports on how the US's justice system is failing to bring the wealthy and corporations to justice. Instead they've been making show trials of B-list celebrities to create the perception that they're doing their job. Then Naomi Karavani finishes off the show on the suppression of graduate student unions. Graduate students across the country have been demanding better treatment and their schools are responding with union busting tactics popular in the corporate world. ~ Our videos are heavily suppressed by YouTube and Facebook. Please help us avoid censorship by sharing this if you see fit. And join my email list by texting "REDACTED" to 33-777. It's free and quick. You can also join at LeeCamp.com.[5]

Philip Cross

Lee Camp's Wikipedia page is regularly edited by Philip Cross who highlights the comedian's connection to RT and therefore the perceived influence of the Russian government.[6]

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