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Page nameDateDecided inDefendantsPlaintiffsDescription
Clapper v. Amnesty International USA29 October 2012 - 26 February 2013United States Supreme CourtAmnesty International USAJames R. ClapperJames Clapper sought to dismiss Amnesty International's challenge of the Fisa Amendments Act. They Supreme Court ruled that dragnet surveillance could not be challenged since the plaintiffs were unlikely to be targets of surveillance - something that was revealed a few months later by the Edward Snowden leaks to be untrue. The decision appear to be nevertheless unchallenged.
Hedges v. Obama13 January 2012 - 28 April 2014United States Court of Appeals for the Second CircuitBarack Obama
Leon Panetta
John McCain
John Boehner
Harry Reid
Nancy Pellosi
John Michael McConnell
Eric Cantor
United States
United States Department of Defense
Chris Hedges
Daniel Ellsberg
Jenifer Bolen
Noam Chomsky
Alexa O'Brien
Kai Wargalla
Birgitta Jónsdóttir
The plaintiffs challenged the 2012 NDAA contending that indefinite detention on "suspicion of providing substantial support" to groups such as al-Qaeda and the Taliban was so vague as to allow unconstitutional, indefininte detention of civilians based on vague allegations. The Court of Appeals struck down an initial agreement, and the US Supreme Court concurred, arguning that the plaintiffs could not prove they would be affected by the law, so had no standing to contest it.
Saifullah Paracha v. George W. Bush8 December 2004 - 18 November 2008George W. BushSaifullah Paracha
Saleh v. Bush13 March 2013 - 10 February 2017United States District Court Northern District of CaliforniaGeorge W. Bush
Dick Cheney
Donald Rumsfeld
Condoleezza Rice
Colin Powell
Paul Wolfowitz
Sundus Shaker SalehA legal claim that the Iraq war was an illegal act of aggression, dismissed in 2017 by the Westfall Act since it was carried out by US government employees within the scope of their employment.

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