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(billionaire, media mogul, spook, deep state operative)
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BornJán Ludvík Hyman Binyamin Hoch
Slatinské Doly, Czechoslovakia
Died1991-11-05 (Age 68)
Sea around Canary Islands
Cause of death
CitizenshipCzechoslovak (1923-1946) British (1946-1991)
Children • Michael Maxwell
• Philip Maxwell
• Ann Maxwell
• Christine Maxwell
• Isabel Maxwell
• Karine Maxwell
• Ian Maxwell
• Kevin Maxwell
• Ghislaine Maxwell
SpouseElisabeth Meynard Maxwell
Victim ofpremature death
Interest ofHelen Liddell, Unlimited Hangout

Robert Maxwell was a Czechoslovak war orphan who became a billionaire, British politician and media mogul. He was known to be a friend of Israel in his lifetime, but contacts with the Mossad remain largely unexplored until his death. His daughter, Ghislaine Maxwell, worked closely with Jeffrey Epstein and after 2019 was had increasingly exposed connections to the Mossad.[1]

A May 1989 report of a meeting aboard Robert Maxwell's yacht, including John Tower, John Lehman, Tom Bolan, Mort Janklow, Thomas Pickering, Peter Kalikow, Ghislaine Maxwell, Helene Atkin and Donald Trump[2]


Suggested connection to Stephan Adolphus Kock.[citation needed]



On 5 November 1991, he was last in contact with the crew of the Lady Ghislaine, his yacht, at 4:25 am local time, but was found to be missing later in the morning.[4] Maxwell was presumed to have fallen overboard from the vessel which was cruising off the Canary Islands,[4][5] and his naked body was subsequently recovered from the Atlantic Ocean.[6] The official ruling at a Madrid inquest held in December 1991 was death by a heart attack combined with accidental drowning,[7] although three pathologists had been unable to agree on the cause of his death at the inquest;[6] he had been found to have been suffering from serious heart and lung conditions.[8]The judge ruled out murder.[7]

“Maxwell was a passionate friend of Israel, and we are sorry about this heavy tragedy” said Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir at his funeral [9] and: “He has done more for Israel than can today be said”.[10]


Related Quotation

Richard Branson“All big entrepreneurs have the stink of unpopularity around them. Whether it is through envy or sincere distaste, Donald Trump, James Goldsmith, Rupert Murdoch, Robert Maxwell and Richard Branson have all become popular figures of hate.”Richard Branson
Nick Davies
August 1990


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