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(medical doctor, politician)
Jill Stein.jpg
BornJill Ellen Stein
14 May 1950
Chicago, Illinois
Alma materHarvard University
ReligionReform Judaism
ChildrenBen Noah
SpouseRichard Rohrer
PartyUS/Green Party

Dr Jill Stein was the Green Party candidate for the 2016 US presidential election for the US/Green Party.[1]

In an interview with the Des Moines Register on the 15th anniversary of September 11, Jill Stein told reporters the 9/11 attacks “provided a pretext for the wrong wars, which have only gotten us into more trouble” and said she would not have ordered the assassination of the Al-Qaeda leader:

“I think assassinations … they’re against international law to start with and to that effect, I think I would not have assassinated Osama bin Laden but would have captured him and brought him to trial. I think all evidence certainly points to bin Laden, but the 9/11 attackers had assistance and funding and bin Laden had assistance and funding.
"What we should have done is declare a crime against humanity and pursued it, pursued the attackers and gotten the intelligence about who was behind this."[2]


In a series of tweets in January 2019 following Donald Trump's recognition of Juan Guaidó as interim President of Venezuela and calling for the overthrow of legitimate President Nicolás Maduro, Jill Stein tweeted:

1. "US has backed right-wing coups up and down Latin America for 100+ years. Not one was about democracy. All have been to enrich the global elite. But we’re supposed to believe this time in Venezuela - which has the world’s largest oil reserves - is different?"[3]
2. "What does Donald Trump want with Venezuela? He said it clearly in 2011 when asked how he'd deal with Libya & Iraq: the US should topple their governments & reward ourselves by taking their oil. Asked how that would affect those countries, Trump said: 'Who cares?'"[4]
3. "The Democrats are backing Trump on regime change in Venezuela, just like they backed disasters in Afghanistan, Iraq, Honduras, Libya, Syria, Ukraine & Yemen. When it comes to regime change, the two parties of War & Wall Street are still marching in lockstep."[5]
4. "The same blowhard politicians talking about 'bringing democracy' to Venezuela have aided & abetted the Saudi dictators executing dissidents, murdering journalists & starving millions of kids in Yemen. They don't give a damn about democracy or poor people's lives. It's about OIL."[6]
5. "Most of the politicians now calling for humanitarian aid to the people of Venezuela have voted for crippling sanctions on Venezuela, knowing full well they'd make people suffer by depriving them of food & medicine. If they really wanted to help, they'd start by lifting sanctions."[7]
6. "Trump's Venezuela point man Elliott Abrams:
"Backed death squads in Latin America that murdered 1000s for right-wing dictators;
"Lied to Congress to cover up treasonous Iran-Contra affair;
"Led 2002 US coup attempt in Venezuela;
"Still think this is about democracy & human rights?"[8]
7. "Want to help the people of Venezuela? Support Mexico & Uruguay's proposal to de-escalate crisis in #Venezuela: a 'new process of inclusive and credible negotiations with full respect for the rule of law and human rights' to resolve the dispute peacefully."[9]

Israel and Saudi Arabia accused

In June 2016, Jill Stein called on the United States to end its support for Israel and Saudi Arabia, accusing the countries of war crimes and human rights abuses:

"With regard to Israel, the United States has encouraged the worst tendencies of the Israeli government as it pursues policies of occupation, apartheid, assassination, illegal settlements, demolitions, blockades, building of nuclear bombs, indefinite detention, collective punishment, and defiance of international law.
"Instead of allying with the courageous proponents of peace and human rights within Palestine and Israel, our government has rewarded consistent abusers of human rights. Therefore, the Stein campaign calls for ending military and economic support for the Israeli government while it is committing war crimes and defying international law."
"In addition, the Stein campaign supports actions of nonviolent resistance to the policies of the occupation and of the Israeli apartheid regime, including those of the global Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign, which was endorsed by the Green Party of the United States in 2005 and is supported by thousands of civil society peace activists and organisations."[10]

It's in Our Hands!

"We are being battered by unemployment, inequality, poverty, injustice, endless war, impending climate catastrophe, and a broken, corrupt political system.

"There are solutions for all these problems, but they're being blocked by political parties that serve the corporate elite, not the people.

"We need a new way forward that puts people, planet and peace over profit.

"My campaign is dedicated to empowering the American people to make real the promise of democracy, and set our own course toward a brighter future.

"If not now, when? For our families, our communities, and our Earth, let's come together to create the better America we know is possible. It’s in Our Hands!"

The political system really sucks right now

Hillary Clinton isn't the only woman running for President — meet Jill Stein of the Green Party.[11]


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