Hamid Karzai

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Hamid Karzai.jpg
Born 1957-12-24
Kandahar, Afghanistan
Nationality Afghan
Alma mater Himachal Pradesh University
Religion Islam
Children • Mirwais Malalai
• Howsi
Spouse Zeenat Quraishi
Party Independent

Employment.png President of Afghanistan Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
7 December 2004 - 29 September 2014

Hamid Karzai was President of Afghanistan, funded by the CIA.[1]

CIA control

A 2009 report alleged that the CIA was assisting his brother, a drug trafficker.[2] "In 2013 the then-President of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzei, admitted that the CIA deliver bags of cash directly to his office as part of an ongoing campaign to control the Afghan government."[1]

September 11

Hamid Karzai has stated that al-Qaeda is a myth and that he doesn't believe the US government's official narrative of 9/11.[3]


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