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Page nameDescription
American Free Press
Berlingske Tidende
Boston Herald
Corriere della Sera
Daily Express
Daily Mail
Daily Mirror
De Groene Amsterdammer
De Telegraaf
De Volkskrant
Die Zeit
Financial Times
Helsingin Sanomat
Houston Post
Jerusalem Post
Jewish Daily Forward
Mercury News
Moscow Times
NRC Handelsblad
National Enquirer
Neue Zürcher Zeitung
New York Post
New York Times
Sunday Telegraph
Tampa Bay Times
The Daily Telegraph
The HillAmerican news outlet, only MSM to focus solely on the federal government; US Congress, White House, Supreme Court.
The Independent
The London Gazette
The Observer
The Sun
The Sunday Telegraph
The Times
Toronto Star
USA Today
Wall Street Journal
Washington Times


Related Quotation

Consensus trance“Nine tenths of the news, as printed in the newspapers, is pseudo-news. Some days ten tenths. The ritual morning trance in which one scans columns of newsprint creates a peculiar form of generalised pseudo-attention to pseudo-reality... My own experience has been that renunciation of this self-hypnosis, of this particiption in this trance is not a sacrifice of reality.”Thomas Merton1968


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