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Status: experimental
This property is for wikiquote URLs

RDF logic:
  • Subject:      Wikiquote URLs of people
  • Predicate:  Has wikiquote
  • Object:        URLs of wikiquote pages (type URL)

653 Pages use the property "Has wikiquote"

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Page nameHas wikiquote
Aaron Swartz Swartz
Abba Eban Eban
Abby Martin Martin
Abd al-Karim Qasim al-Karim Qasim
Abdel Fattah el-Sisi Fattah el-Sisi
Abdullah Gul Gul
Abraham Lincoln Lincoln
Achim Steiner Steiner
Adam Yahiye Gadahn Yahiye Gadahn
Adolf Hitler Hitler
Adrian Wooldridge Wooldridge
Al Gore Gore
Alan Blinder Blinder
Alan Clark Clark
Alan Cranston Cranston
Alan Dershowitz Dershowitz
Alan Greenspan Greenspan
Alan Paton Paton
Alan Rusbridger Rusbridger
Alan Turing Turing
Alec Douglas-Home Douglas-Home
Aleister Crowley Crowley
Alex Jones Jones
Alexander Haig Haig
Alexander Stubb Stubb
Alexis Tsipras Tsipras
Ali Khamenei Khamenei
Amnesty International International
Amy Goodman Goodman
Andrea Mitchell Mitchell
Andrew Dickson White Dickson White
Ann Taylor Taylor
Anthony Weiner Weiner
António Guterresónio Guterres
António de Oliveira Salazarónio de Oliveira Salazar
Ariel Sharon Sharon
Armando Valladares Valladares
Asif Ali Zardari Ali Zardari
Assar Lindbeck Lindbeck
Augusto Pinochet Pinochet
Barack Obama Obama
Barney Frank Frank
Basil D'Oliveira D'Oliveira
Bella Abzug Abzug
Ben Bernanke Bernanke
Ben Emmerson Emmerson
Benjamin Disraeli Disraeli
Benjamin Netanyahu Netanyahu
Bernard Ingham Ingham
Bernard Kerik Kerik
Bernard Lewis Lewis
Bernard Montgomery Montgomery
Bertil Ohlin Ohlin
Bertrand Russell Russell
Betsy DeVos DeVos
Bill Gates Gates
Bill Hicks Hicks
Bill Moyers Moyers
Bill Richardson Richardson
Bill de Blasio de Blasio
Bob Dylan Dylan
Bob Marley Marley
Boris Berezovsky Berezovsky
Boris Johnson Johnson
Brazil (film) (film)
Brian Klug Klug
Brigitte Gabriel Gabriel
Bruce Mau Mau
Bruce Schneier Schneier
California Institute of Technology Institute of Technology
Cambridge University University
Carl Levin Levin
Cathy O'Brien O'Brien
Charles Krauthammer Krauthammer
Charles Murray Murray
Chelsea Manning Manning
Chester Bowles Bowles
Chiang Kai-shek Kai-shek
Chris Christie Christie
Chris Grayling Grayling
Chris Hedges Hedges
Chris Patten Patten
Christine Todd Whitman Todd Whitman
Christopher Haskins Haskins
Christopher Hitchens Hitchens
Christopher Monckton Monckton
Charles Schumer Schumer
Clare Boothe Luce Boothe Luce
Clement Freud Freud
Colin Powell Powell
Conrad Black Black
Cordell Hull Hull
Cory Doctorow Doctorow
Cristina Kirchner Kirchner
Dambisa Moyo Moyo
Daniel Bell Bell
Daniel Ellsberg Ellsberg
Daniel Pipes Pipes
Dartmouth College College
David Baddiel Baddiel
David Ben-Gurion Ben-Gurion
David Byrne Byrne
David Cameron Cameron
David Davis Davis
David Dellinger Dellinger
David Frum Frum
David Horowitz Horowitz
David Mellor Mellor
David Ogilvy Ogilvy
David Rockefeller Rockefeller
David Shulkin Shulkin
David Wright Wright
Dean Acheson Acheson
US/Democratic Party Party
Denis Healey Healey
Dennis Kucinich Kucinich
Dennis Ross Ross
Diane Abbott Abbott
Dick Cheney Cheney
Dixy Lee Ray Lee Ray
Donald Rumsfeld Rumsfeld
Donald Trump Trump
Donna Brazile Brazile
Douglas Hurd Hurd
E. M. Forster M. Forster
Edward Heath Heath
Edward Teller Teller
Elaine Chao Chao
Elie Wiesel Wiesel
Elizabeth Butler-Sloss Butler-Sloss
Elizabeth Warren Warren
Emma Goldman Goldman
Ernest Becker Becker
Estes Kefauver Kefauver
European Parliament Parliament
European Union Union
Everett Dirksen Dirksen
Fareed Zakaria Zakaria
US/Federal Reserve Reserve System
Ferdinand Marcos Marcos
Fethullah Gülen Gülen
Fidel Castro Castro
Flemming Rose Rose
Franz Kafka Kafka
François Hollandeçois Hollande
Fredrik Reinfeldt Reinfeldt
Frits Bolkestein Bolkestein
Frédéric Bastiatédéric Bastiat
Garry Kasparov Kasparov
Gary Johnson Johnson
Gary Webb Webb
Gavrilo Princip Princip
Geert Wilders Wilders
George Carlin Carlin
George Curzon Curzon
George Galloway Galloway
George H. W. Bush H. W. Bush
George McGovern McGovern
George Mitchell Mitchell
George Monbiot Monbiot
George Patton S. Patton
George Soros Soros
George Stephanopoulos Stephanopoulos
George Tenet Tenet
George W. Bush W. Bush
George Wallace Wallace
George Will Will
Gerald Ford Ford
Gerhard Schröder Schröder
Gerry Adams Adams
Gianni Agnelli Agnelli
Giovanni Sartori Sartori
Gladys Berejiklian Berejiklian
Gordon Smith Smith
Graham Greene Greene
Greg Mankiw Mankiw
Gro Harlem Brundtland Harlem Brundtland
Hale Boggs Boggs
Halvard Lange Lange
Hamid Karzai Karzai
Hans Blix Blix
Hans Morgenthau Morgenthau
Harold Pinter Pinter
Harold Wilson Wilson
Hartley Shawcross Shawcross
Hassan Rouhani Rouhani
Hastings Ismay Ismay
Heinrich Müller Müller
Helen Clark Clark
Helmut Kohl Kohl
Henry Ford Ford
Henry Ford II Ford II
Henry Kissinger Kissinger
Herbert Stein Stein
Hilaire Belloc Belloc
Hillary Clinton Clinton
Hillel Neuer Neuer
Horst Köhler Köhler
Howard Safir Safir
Huey Long Long
Hugh Gaitskell Gaitskell
Hugo Black Black
Hugo Chávez Chávez
Hunter S. Thompson S. Thompson
Indra Nooyi Nooyi
International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons
Irshad Manji Manji
Irving Kristol Kristol
Islamic State State
Ivan Illich Illich
Ivanka Trump Trump
J. Edgar Hoover Edgar Hoover
J. William Fulbright William Fulbright
Jack Valenti Valenti
Jacob Rees-Mogg Rees-Mogg
Jacob Zuma Zuma
Jacques Attali Attali
Jacques Parizeau Parizeau
Jamal Khashoggi Khashoggi
James Callaghan Callaghan
James Fallows Fallows
James Goldsmith Goldsmith
James Jesus Angleton Jesus Angleton
James Klugmann Klugmann
James Madison Madison
James Mattis Mattis
James Monroe Monroe
Jamie Bartlett Bartlett
Jamie Reed Reed
Jan Smuts Smuts
Jan Tinbergen Tinbergen
Janet Yellen Yellen
Jean-Marie Le Pen Le Pen
Jean Chrétien Chrétien
Jeane Kirkpatrick Kirkpatrick
Jeb Bush Bush
Jeff Bezos Bezos
Jeff Sessions Sessions
Jeremy Corbyn Corbyn
Jerry Brown Brown
Jerry Falwell Falwell
Jesse Jackson Jackson
Jill Stein Stein
Jim Jones Jones
Jim Traficant Traficant
Jim Tucker Tucker
Jim Yong Kim Yong Kim
Jimmy Hoffa Hoffa
Jimmy Wales Wales
Jo Cox Cox
Joe Biden Biden
John Adams Adams
John D. Rockefeller D. Rockefeller
John Edwards Edwards
John Ehrlichman Ehrlichman
John Elkann Elkann
John Horgan Horgan
John Kasich Kasich
John Kerry Kerry
John Lennon Lennon
John Lilly Lilly
John Masterman Masterman
John McCain McCain
John Micklethwait Micklethwait
John Brennan O. Brennan
John Oldham Oldham
John Perry Barlow Perry Barlow
John Pilger Pilger
John Podesta Podesta
John Polanyi Polanyi
John Bolton R. Bolton
John Smith Smith
John Stockwell Stockwell
Jon Corzine Corzine
Jonathan Aitken Aitken
Jonathan Davis Davis
Jonathan Sacks Sacks
Joschka Fischer Fischer
Josef Mengele Mengele
Josef Stalin Stalin
Joseph Wilson C. Wilson
Joseph Pulitzer Pulitzer
Joseph Ratzinger Ratzinger
Josette Sheeran Sheeran
José Luis Rodríguez Zapateroé Luis Rodríguez Zapatero
Joycelyn Elders Elders
Julian Assange Assange
Justin Trudeau Trudeau
Jyrki Katainen Katainen
Jürgen Trittinürgen Trittin
Karen Kwiatkowski Kwiatkowski
Karl Rove Rove
Karol Wojtyła Wojtyła
Katharine Graham Graham
Kay Bailey Hutchison Bailey Hutchison
Keith Ellison Ellison
Keith Joseph Joseph
Ken Kesey Kesey
Ken Livingstone Livingstone
Kenan Evren Evren
Kenneth Clark Clark
Kenneth Griffin Griffin
Kevin Rudd Rudd
Kingman Brewster Brewster
Lane Kirkland Kirkland
Larry Page Page
Lawrence Lessig Lessig
Lawrence Wright Wright
Lee Myung-bak Myung-bak
Leo Ryan Ryan
Leo Strauss Strauss
Liam Fox Fox
Licio Gelli Gelli
Linda McMahon McMahon
Lindsey Graham Graham
Liz Truss Truss
Julie Bishop Truss
Louis Le Bailly Le Bailly
Louis Mountbatten Mountbatten
Mahatma Gandhi Gandhi
Mahmoud Abbas Abbas
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Ahmadinejad
Malcolm Fraser Fraser
Marco Rubio Rubio
Margaret MacMillan MacMillan
Margaret Thatcher Thatcher
Marie Colvin Colvin
Marilyn Monroe Monroe
Mario Draghi Draghi
Mark David Chapman David Chapman
Mark Felt Felt
Mark Sanford Sanford
Mark Steyn Steyn
Mark Zuckerberg Zuckerberg
Marriner Eccles Eccles
Marshall McLuhan McLuhan
Martin Bormann Bormann
Martin Feldstein Feldstein
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Institute of Technology
Matt Taibbi Taibbi
Max Aitken Aitken
Max Boot Boot
Maxime Bernier Bernier
Meir Kahane Kahane
Melanie Phillips Phillips
Michael Gove Gove
Michael Moore Moore
Michael O'Leary O'Leary
Michael Prysner Prysner
Michael Scheuer Scheuer
Michel Foucault Foucault
Mick Mulvaney Mulvaney
Mike Pence Pence
Mike Pompeo Pompeo
Mikheil Saakashvili Saakashvili
Milton Friedman Friedman
Mohamed Al-Fayed Al-Fayed
Mohamed Atta Atta
Mona Sahlin Sahlin
Moon Jae-in Jae-in
Muammar Gaddafi Gaddafi
Muslim Brotherhood Brotherhood
Naomi Klein Klein
Narendra Modi Modi
Natalie Portman Portman
Neelie Kroes Kroes
Neville Chamberlain Chamberlain
New York Post York Post
Newt Gingrich Gingrich
Nicholas Kristof Kristof
Nick Clegg Clegg
Nicolae Ceaușescu Ceaușescu
Nigel Farage Farage
Nikita Khrushchev Khrushchev
Nikki Haley Haley
Nineteen Eighty-Four Eighty-Four
Norman Finkelstein Finkelstein
Norman Lamont Lamont
Norodom Sihanouk Sihanouk
Nouri al-Maliki al-Maliki
Oliver North North
Olivier Blanchard Blanchard
Olof Palme Palme
Operation Gladio Gladio
Operatiën en Inlichtingen Gladio
Orrin Hatch Hatch
Osama bin Laden bin Laden
Oswald Mosley Moseley
Otmar Issing Issing
Otto von Bismarck von Bismarck
Patrice Lumumba Lumumba
Paul-Henri Spaak Spaak
Paul Craig Roberts Craig Roberts
Paul Keating Keating
Paul Krugman Krugman
Paul Manafort Manafort
Paul Martin Martin
Paul Romer Romer
Paul Samuelson Samuelson
Paul Volcker Volcker
Paul Williams Williams
Peggy Noonan Noonan
Pervez Musharraf Musharraf
Peter Benenson Benenson
Peter Fleming Fleming
Peter Hitchens Hitchens
Peter Kropotkin Kropotkin
Peter Lamborn Wilson Lamborn Wilson
Peter Lougheed Lougheed
Peter Thiel Thiel
Philip Hammond Hammond
Phyllis Schlafly Schlafly
Pierre Mendès France Mendes-France
Pik Botha Botha
Pol Pot Pot
Jorge Mario Bergoglio Francis
Preston Manning Manning
Quintin Hogg Hogg
Rachel Maddow Maddow
Radovan Karadžić Karadžić
Ralph Nader Nader
Raymond Aron Aron
Raúl Castroúl Castro
Reince Priebus Priebus
Rex Tillerson Tillerson
Richard Nixon Nixon
Richard Perle Perle
Richard Pipes Pipes
Richard Spencer Spencer
Richard Wagner Wagner
Roald Dahl Dahl
Robert Anton Wilson Anton Wilson
Robert Conquest Conquest
Robert Evans Evans
Robert Fisk Fisk
Robert Gates Gates
Robert Hunter Hunter
Robert McNamara McNamara
Robert Mueller Mueller
Robert Wright Wright
Roger Scruton Scruton
Roger Stone Stone
Ron Johnson Johnson (Wisconsin politician)
Ronald Reagan Reagan
Roy Jenkins Jenkins
Rudy Giuliani Giuliani
Ruhollah Khomeini Khomeini
Rupert Sheldrake Sheldrake
Russ Tice Tice
Sacha Baron Cohen Baron Cohen
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