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"“Conspiracy theorist”"
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(Author, businessman, Radio host, Film producer, Spook?)
Alex Jones.jpg
BornAlexander Emerick Jones
Dallas, Texas, United States
Parents • David Ross Jones
• Carol Gretchen Hamman
SpouseErika Wulff Jones
Founder ofInfowars
InterestsBohemian Grove
Interest ofRobert Barnes
A very vocal and popular radio show host who occasionally has predicted deep events. Although having a very loyal fan base, several researchers have called him a spook.

Alex Jones is a popular conservative, christian radio show host in the United States.[1] He reached wider recognition with his documentary: "Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove" about the club of the same name in 2000.[2][3]

With his dramatic speaking style and sweeping statements, he often comes across as a bit bombastic - that said, he has covered an extensive range of conspiracies, and his show on Infowars has often been the first to cover topics and interview guests that later turned out to be highly prescient.

“If you don't have people like Alex to push forward no matter what the great narrative, or the great reset agenda is, you're not gonna get any truth. Now, if your gonna get some sensationalism with that, or some things wrong, so be it. We have a mainstream media industrial complex that is purposely, constantly lying to us, not to empower humanity for this great purpose, but to enslave humanity for this new world order agenda - and that's real.”
Jason Bermas (August 8th, 2022)  [4]

Jones has also drawn the ire of the establishment, and his work has been heavily censored.[5]

He has lost some credibility since the 2010s after theories about deep events, such as Sandy Hook (like on the conspiracy forum of Reddit)[6]. Jones was judged to be a spook (for the CIA or US Army) by researchers such as Joël van der Reijden of ISGP.[7]


Alex jones family.jpg

Jones, by his own admission, "had some family that, what, did stuff for the CIA".[8]

Alex Jones was born to a David Ross Jones and Carol Gretchen Jones (nee Hamman), both believed to be members of the CIA. As a teenager, he read Gary Allen's None Dare Call It Conspiracy which he calls "the easiest-to-read primer on The New World Order".[9] Alex Jones admitted on his radio show on Jun 10, 2014 that his father and other family members worked for the CIA during the 1980s.[10] [11]


Alex Jones divorced his first wife, Kelly Nichols in 2015.


After Jones said he had to throw Bill Cooper off of his show for using improper language on air in the early 2000s, Cooper responded on his show saying that he was only up on the Alex Jones Show one time (FM show at a time when Jones had no big reach) and refused to do follow ups, since he had no trust in Jones and said he is a sensationalist, bullshit artist and that his engagement is damaging to the nation, the militia movement and patriots.[12][13][14]

In 2010 he came out to a 2nd amendment rally in Austin, Texas, and started to shout down their event with his bullhorn and being overall rude.[15][16][17]

Joël van der Reijden wrote in 2016 that:

"Alex Jones is a Christian conservative activist/operative who refuses to talk about groups as Le Cercle, the American Security Council, the John Birch Society, the Heritage Foundation and the Council for National Policy. I actually experienced this personally."[7]
Alex Jones Reminds the World He Is a Clown (The Conscious Resistance YT channel)[18]

He observes:

"I was a very confused young man after watching some of Alex Jones' documentaries. It's not even that a naive social democrat from western Europe can learn a few lessons from strict constitutionalists as Alex Jones, but what the heck was this all about? The opinions are so extreme. While undoubtedly elites have entertained the idea of culling the Third World masses if the population situation gets too dire - at least one Rockefeller-funded scientist has proposed it [6] - Jones is blowing isolated facts completely out of proportion. He could have easily made many of the same arguments, if he voiced his concerns in a more measured manner."

The Washington Post reported in April 2017 that Jones had been diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder.[19]

Robbie Martin wrote in 2022:

“- 4 people confused about my Alex Jones tweet and thinking that I was endorsing destroying free speech, let me try to be even more clear: Alex Jones has been a deliberately amplified poison pill to discredit alt media, free speech and deep state investigations for over 20 years
- the fact that Jones became a vehicle for not just poison pilling alt media but has actually helped spur a societal shift on 'free speech' imo is no accident. Its just like its no accident that the Bilderberg leaker decided to use a neo-nazi newspaper as its conduit for leaks
- you really have to ask yourself if the entie legacy that even proceeded Alex Jones was by design a setup to poison pill alt media, why would a top level Bilderberg insider devote so much to Jim Tucker (a known holocaust denier who wrote for a neo nazi newspaper)? trolling?
- i know people in the conspiracy movement are supposed to show some kind of respect towards Jim Tucker but seriously think about for a second how absolutely fucking ridiculous it is that a Bilderberg insider chose him to leak stuff out in American Free Press, its almost comical
- I know that a lot of people especcially younger people who like to lean on the talking point that Jones is 'entertaining' and 'is right most of the time' but this is them just still mentally struggling with not being able to fully process that he is obvious controlled opposition”

Robbie Martin (Aug 5, 2022)  [20]

Ryan Dawson has captured Alex Jones' contradictions and the interchangeability of his statements with a video-cut of Jones' broadcasts from 2010 and 2015 on Sarah Palin.[21] What could be inferred from this is that Jones relies on the fact that few people watch enough of his program to see these open inconsistencies; which may also explain claims that he at times makes:

  • that his family had "major Masonic roots" [22]
  • and that both sides of his family are "heavily psychic" and his great grandmother would be visited by presidents [23]


Full article: Infowars

Jones founded Infowars in 1999. The work atmosphere there has been described by some who left as: "racially and sexually discriminatory".[24] Aaron and Melissa Dykes, who created Truthstream Media afterwards, were the target of an organized harassment campaign when they left Infowars.[25]

Enemy Images

Alex Jones makes copious use of both exaggeration and enemy images, including in titles of his video output, such as "Bilderberg 2015: The True Monsters Revealed".[26] Jones website claims that "Every new terrorist attack is part of an elite conspiracy" and that "The liberal Eastern Establishment is behind every conspiracy since the birth of Adam and Eve".[7]

The BBC reports that Jones once heckled a Bilderberg meeting through a megaphone: "We know you are ruthless. We know you are evil. We respect your dark power."[27]

Bodyguard Quentin Carter [28] and A. Jones.
In a 2021 interview he let it slip that he thinks he was let in on purpose.[29][30][31][32]

Early documentaries


Jones filed for bankruptcy shortly after being sentenced to pay over 1 billion dollar to the parents of the victims of Sandy Hook.[39]

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