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Publication date22 February 1985
Author(s) • Terry Gilliam
• Tom Stoppard
• Charles McKeown
Producer(s)Arnon Milchan
Subjectsfalse flag attacks,  “terrorism”,  totalitarianism
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Dystopic movie in which acts of "terrorism" are routinely carried out.

For the South American nation state, see Brazil

Brazil is a film released in 1985 that depicts a dystopian future in which acts of "terrorism" are routinely carried out.

Editorial Struggle

The film studio, Universal, re-cut the film to give it a happy ending, in which Sam gets the girl instead of descending into insanity. In order to get the original film released, Gilliam took out a full-page ad in Variety, directed at the head of Universal, Sid Sheinberg. Gilliam corralled Los Angeles film critics to watch his version of the film in clandestine screenings, in breech of an embargo of showing the film. The movie won three L.A. Critics awards, and Universal decided to release the film.[1]

Comments from Terry Gilliam

The author/producer, Terry Gilliam has denied that the film was a prediction of the modern world.[1]