Edward Teller

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(academic, scientist)
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Born 1908-01-15
Budapest, Austria-Hungary
Died 2003-09-09 (Age 95)
Stanford, California, United States
Nationality Hungarian, American
Children 2
Spouse Augusta Maria Harkanyi
Interests Physics
Director of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, "the father of the hydrogen bomb".


During the Manhattan Project, Edward Teller headed a group at Los Alamos in the Theoretical Physics division. Teller was a major proponent of the hydrogen bomb.

Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism

Full article: Rated 3/5 Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism

In 1979 Teller attended the Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism and spoke on "The Spectre of Nuclear Terrorism."


Teller denounced the Oklahoma Bombing, stating that the official narrative would have been impossible.[citation needed]


Event Participated in

Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism2 July 1979 - 5 July 1979Jerusalem