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BornSayyed Ali Hosseini Khameneh
17 July 1939
Mashhad, Khorasan, Iran
Alma materQom Seminary
Children • Mostafa
• Mojtaba
• Masoud
• Meysam
• Hoda
• Boshra
SpouseKhojaste Bagherzadeh

Employment.png Supreme Leader of Iran

In office
4 June 1989 - Present
Preceded byRuhollah Khomeini

Employment.png President of Iran

In office
13 October 1981 - 3 August 1989

Employment.png Member of the Assembly of Experts

In office
15 August 1983 - 21 February 1991

Employment.png Member of the Islamic Consultative Assembly

In office
28 May 1980 - 13 October 1981

Employment.png Tehran's Friday Prayer Imam

In office
14 January 1980 - Present

Employment.png Chairman of Expediency Discernment Council

In office
7 February 1988 - 4 June 1989

Ali Hosseini Khamenei (born 17 July 1939)[1] is a marja and the second and current Supreme Leader of Iran, in office since 1989.[2][3] He was previously President of Iran from 1981 to 1989.

Ali Khamenei is the longest serving head of state in the Middle East, as well as the second-longest serving Iranian leader of the last century, after Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.[4]

Warning against tainted Western Vaccines

"Importing vaccines made in the US or the UK is prohibited. They're completely untrustworthy. It's not unlikely they would want to contaminate other nations. Given our experience with France's HIV-tainted blood supplies, French vaccines aren't trustworthy either," Khamenei said in a tweet on January 8, 2021. [5]

The tweet was from a longer address, where Khamenei also said "I really don't trust them. Sometimes they want to test the vaccine on other nations." However, he also said that the Iranian government is allowed to supply the COVID vaccine from other, reliable sources.[6]

Twitter promptly banned him from the social network, stating the message was no longer available because it violated the Twitter rules, which prohibits "vaccine misinformation"

The Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) stated the import of American Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines had been cancelled because of this. The IRCS head, Karim Hemmati, said late last month that the organization was planning to take delivery of a batch of 150,000 doses of coronavirus vaccines produced by Pfizer Inc.[7]


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