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(Businessman, mathematician, government official)
Boris Berezovsky.jpg
Berezovsky, front, with business partner Neil Bush at a news conference in Riga
Born Boris Abramovich Berezovsky
23 January 1946
Moscow, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union
Died 23 March 2013 (Age 67)
Sunninghill, Berkshire, United Kingdom
Cause of death
Citizenship Russian,  British
Religion Eastern Orthodox Church
Spouse Nina Korotkova
Victim of premature death
A Russian billionaire oligarch who fell out with Vladimir Putin. Found dead in 2013 - the corner returned an open verdict.

Boris Berezovsky was a Russian oligarch, who spoke out against the official narrative of the 9-99 bombings. He was found dead in 2013.


Boris Berezovsky made his fortune in Russia in the 1990s when the country went through privatization of state property[1] He profited from gaining control over various assets, including the country's main television channel, Channel One. In 1997 Forbes magazine estimated Berezovsky's wealth at US$3 billion.[2] He was called "the most prominent and colourful of the so-called oligarchs"[3]

Opinions on 9/99

Berezovsky believed that the 1999 Russian apartment bombings were carried out by the FSB and helped fund a film which made this case and focused on the Ryazan Incident.[4]


Berezovsky was an investor in Neil Bush's educational software company, Ignite!.


In 2010, Berezovsky was awarded libel damages of £150,000 over allegations that he was behind the murder of his close friend Alexander Litvinenko.[5]


Berezovsky was found dead at his home, Titness Park, at Sunninghill, near Ascot in Berkshire, UK on 23 March 2013.[6] His body was found by a bodyguard in a locked bathroom, with a ligature around his neck.[7][8] According to British police, a post-mortem exam found that his death was consistent with hanging and that there were no signs of a violent struggle.[9] On 26 March 2014 the BBC announced that the coroner had recorded an open verdict.

The wife of Alexander Litvinenko stated that Berezovsky had "many enemies" and that it was "not likely" he that he had committed suicide.[10]


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