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Born Ann Elizabeth Oldfield Havers
Buckinghamshire, England
Nationality British
Children • Frances
• Robert
• William
Relatives • Sir Cecil Havers
• Lord Havers
• Nigel Havers
• Philip Havers
Spouse Joseph William Alexander Butler-Sloss

Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss "has an impeccable CV".[1]


Elizabeth Butler-Sloss was Deputy Coroner of the Queen's Household for the Diana inquest and Assistant Deputy Coroner for Surrey in relation to the Fayed inquest.

On 8th July 2014, Theresa May as Home Secretary, oversaw the appointment of Baroness Butler-Sloss to the inquiry set up to investigate child sexual abuse by prominent politicians and clergy in the previous decades. Within 6 days of the announcement of Baroness Butler-Sloss as chair, she was forced to stand down for conflicts of interest.


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