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Born11 October 1925
Died1 July 1999 (Age 73)
Danish quad Bilderberger editor

Aage Deleuran was a Danish editor-in-chief and director of Det Berlingske Officin. Deleuran was part of the better known Deleuran family, originally from the group of Huguenots who emigrated to Denmark from France in the 1800s. Deleuran became a Bilderberg steering committee member in the 1980s.[1]


Aage Deleuran was trained at Korsør Avis. During World War II he was involved in the resistance struggle by printing illegal magazines. As a 17-year-old, he had to resign as editor-in-chief of Korsør Avis because the then editor-in-chief had to go into hiding.[2]


In 1945 Deleuran was employed by the Berlin House, where, after decades of working as a foreign correspondent in London and Paris, he became part of the house's management. Deleuran had a lot of international connections for his time. His journalistic strength was political commentary and the elegant leader, and his output within this genre is extensive and of high quality. Deleuran was personally closely associated with the Danish Conservative People's Party.

Deleuran played an important role for the Danish press organizations and was one of the initiators of the merger of several organizations, which in 1977 became the current structure with Danske Dagblades Forening with its affiliated employers' association, now Danske Mediers Arbejdsgiverforening. During this time, Deleuran became a regular Bilderberger. Deleuran was as Bilderberg steering committee member involved in a lot of things, such as trying to negotiate Danish and possible international media support for the newly formed war on terror with Henry Kissinger, David Wolfowitz and several other players in the Bush Sr-administration also eyeing intervention in Kosovo.[3]

Deleuran left Berlingske in 1992.


Events Participated in

Bilderberg/198912 May 198914 May 1989Spain
La Toja Island
37th Bilderberg meeting, 110 guests
Bilderberg/199010 May 199013 May 1990New York
Glen Cove
38th Bilderberg meeting, 119 guests
Bilderberg/19916 June 19919 June 1991Germany
Steigenberger Hotel Badischer Hof
The 39th Bilderberg, 114 guests
Bilderberg/199221 May 199224 May 1992France
Royal Club Evian
The 40th Bilderberg. It had 121 participants.
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