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Event.png Bilderberg/1999(meeting)
Bilderberg 1999.jpg
Date 3 June 1999 - 6 June 1999
Location Sintra,  Portugal
Perpetrators Bilderberg/Steering committee

The 1999 Bilderberg Meeting was the 47th such meeting and had participants from __ European countries, the United States and Canada. It was held at Sintra, Portugal.


The 1999 Bilderberg Agenda has not been leaked, but the website at Bilderberg Meetings has posted an agenda.

1. Kosovo

2. The US Political Scene

3. Current Controversies: Genetics and the Life Sciences

4. Redesigning the International Financial Architecture

5. The Social and Political Impacts on Emerging Markets of Recent Economic Events

6. NATO's future

7. The Relationship between Information Technology and Economic Policy

8. Current Events

9. Russia's Foreign Policy

10. How Durable is the Current Rosy Complexion of European Politics?