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A corporate controlled publication

Newsweek is an American weekly news magazine founded in 1933, and was widely distributed through the 20th century, with many notable editors-in-chief. In 1961 the magazine was acquired by The Washington Post Company and remained under its ownership until 2010. Between 2008 and 2012, Newsweek experienced financial difficulties, leading to the cessation of print publication and a transition to an all-digital format at the end of 2012. It was relaunched (print and digital) in 2014 under the ownership of IBT Media, which also owns the International Business Times, until it was spun off a few years later.


In 1976, Newsweek leaked a bogus CIA report designed to misdirect journalists interested in the Orlando Letelier Assassination.[1]

A 2015 article by Douglas Main headlined an article on Water fluoridation "Fluoridation May Not Prevent Cavities, Scientific Review Shows". He wrote that "Water fluoridation... has always been controversial... But new research suggests that... while using fluoridated toothpaste has been proven to be good for oral health, consuming fluoridated water may have no positive impact."[2]

On 21st March 2016, Newsweek published Putin’s paranoia is driving his foreign adventures by Ben Nimmo.


Managing editor, Eldon Griffiths MP attended a 1985 meeting of Le Cercle.[3]


A Quote by Newsweek

CIA/Deputy Director for Operations“Going back 50 years, the agency's practice was to publicly identify and praise most of Archibald's predecessors. Why? Paradoxically, it’s a job that requires a certain degree of public exposure. The spy chief's duties require him to visit regularly with the FBI, NSA and the dozen other branches of the U.S. intelligence community, to testify to congressional oversight committees and to meet with his foreign counterparts, either here or in some of the world’s most dangerous neighborhoods. Nearly two dozen of his predecessors have been known to the public. It’s too bad they’re going all black-cloak with Archibald, because after the bumpy tenures of the past few people in that job, the agency could benefit from letting people know that it has a "quiet professional" at the helm, as one former colleague put it, a figure of continuity at an agency that has changed CIA directors six times since 2003.”2013


Employees on Wikispooks

Arnaud de BorchgraveRoving senior editor19531980
Eldon GriffithsChief Foreign Correspondent19611963
Eldon GriffithsForeign Editor19591961
Tareq HaddadJournalistOctober 2019December 2019Resigned after magazine suppressed his story on OPCW.
Dahlia LithwickContributing editor20082011
Jon MeachamEditor-in-chief20062010
Jon MeachamManaging editor19982006
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