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Warsaw, Poland
Died1971 (Age 61)
Interestsinternational monetary system
Polish economist friend and colleague of Ludwig von Mises who attended 5 Bilderbergs up to 1960.

Michael Angelo Heilperin was featured in Life magazine in 1954 with "a daring plan to unshackle trade and enrich the free world"[1] This focus area fits right in with the general Bilderberg ideology.


Heilperin was born in Warsaw and educated in Geneva where he settled. Heilperin was an associate professor at Graduate Institute of International Studies (IUHEI) at the University of Geneva from 1935 to 1938.[2]

An economist, he was a friend and colleague of Ludwig von Mises and John Know Jessup. His specialization was the international monetary system. He applied the Austrian theory of the business cycle along with his knowledge of the balance of payments "to warn against the rise of monetary nationalism". [3]

In 1947, he wrote an article on the "redefinition of Germany" after the Second World War. [4]


Events Participated in

Bilderberg/195611 May 195613 May 1956Denmark
The 4th Bilderberg meeting, with 147 guests, in contrast to the generally smaller meetings of the 1950s. Has two Bilderberg meetings in the years before and after
Bilderberg/1957 February15 February 195717 February 1957US
St Simons Island
Georgia (State)
The earliest ever Bilderberg in the year, number 5, was also first one outside Europe.
Bilderberg/195813 September 195815 September 1958Buxton
The 7th Bilderberg and the first one in the UK. 72 guests
Bilderberg/195918 September 195920 September 1959Turkey
The 8th Bilderberg and the first in Turkey. 60 guests.
Bilderberg/196028 May 196029 May 1960Switzerland
The 9th such meeting and the first one in Switzerland. 61 participants + 4 "in attendance". The meeting report contains a press statement, 4 sentences long.