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(soldier, spook)
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Born25 May 1971
Died11 November 2019 (Age 48)
Istanbul, Turkey
Cause of death
Alma materSandhurst
SpouseEmma Winberg
Founder ofMayday Rescue Foundation, White Helmets
Victim ofpremature death
Interest of"Philip Cross"
A UK spook involved in various NATO interventions, including sin Syria where he started the White Helmets and the Mayday Rescue Foundation. He was found dead in Istanbul in November 2019, which was labelled a suicide, in spite of the evidence.


In office
- 11 November 2019
Untimely death

James Gustaf Edward Le Mesurier OBE was a UK “security” specialist and "ex" British military intelligence officer[1] who founded the White Helmets and the Mayday Rescue Foundation. He was found dead, aged 48,[2] in November 2019, reportedly after a fall.[2][3] The circumstances of his death are unclear.[4].


Le Mesurier worked in various NATO intervention theatres including Bosnia and Kosovo, as well as Iraq, Lebanon, and Palestine. He has also been placed in a series of high-profile posts at the United Nations, European Union, and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.[5][6][7]

White Helmets

Full article: White Helmets

In 2013 James Le Mesurier founded Syria's White Helmets.[8]

Mayday Rescue Foundation

Full article: Stub class article Mayday Rescue Foundation

Le Mesurier also founded the Mayday Rescue Foundation.

James Le Mesurier in Istanbul.


During his lifetime, the commercially-controlled media had little to say about Le Mesurier, although he spoke to Al Jazeera in 2015.[9] Since 2017, he attracted the attention of various alternative media outlets including 21st Century Wire[10] and Off-Guardian[11]


The 8 November 2019 tweet by Maria Zakharova

On 8 November 2019, Maria Zakharova, Press spokesperson for the Russian Federation accused White Helmets founder, James Le Mesurier, of being an MI6 agent with links to Al-Qaeda.[12] The UK ambassador to the UN, Karen Pierce termed this statement "categorically untrue."[13]


In July 2018, a Wikipedia user created a forward from "James Le Mesurier" to their page on the White Helmets, but James Le Mesurier never had a dedicated page during his lifetime. However, at 11:51 on the day of his death, Wikipedia User mvolz created a stub page which was expanded by 120 subsequent edits that same day. Frequent editors included Wikimedia UK's Communications Coordinator, John Lubbock, 'Philip Cross' and 'Gaia Octavia Agrippa'. [14] On 2 December, 'Philip Cross' cited Ben Nimmo in the section on "Russian and Syrian disinformation campaign".[15]


On 11 November 2019, the body of James Le Mesurier was discovered near his home in Istanbul. Turkey has launched an investigation into his death. Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, a director of the Doctors Under Fire campaign group and a friend of Le Mesurier, said:

"It's absolutely tragic. He was one of the few people who have made a humanitarian footprint in Syria."[16]

The Anadolu Agency reported that, according to his wife, Emma Hedvig Christina Winberg, Le Mesurier was thinking about suicide the weeks before he died and had recently started to take psychiatric medications due to stress.[17]

On 10 December 2019, Ibrahim Ayral reported that British 'spy' Le Mesurier was likely running away from someone before his death[18]

Bashar al-Assad stated that Le Mesurier was assassinated by western intelligence agencies.[19]


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Document:The Sad Death of James Le Mesurierblog post12 November 2019Craig MurrayJames Le Mesurier’s usefulness to Western security services, Israel and their Gulf allies came to an end when the jihadist headchoppers to whom Le Mesurier had been providing logistic support and invaluable propaganda, lost their last secure footing in Syria.
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