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(“terror expert”, historian)
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BornJanuary 1971
Member ofInstitute for Statecraft
UK "terror expert", member of the Institute for Statecraft, reported that UK authorities are radicalising young Muslims.

Jahan Mahmood is a UK "terror expert". He "has worked with a number of [UK] government agencies"[1] and was listed as a member of the Institute for Statecraft.


He was reportedly "inspired to become a military historian by his uncle Mohammed Zabir, who served in the British 14th Army in Burma in World War Two."[2]


Jahan Mahmood was for three years an advisor of "Home Office counter-terrorism czar Charles Farr on deradicalisation issues". He is cited by Nafeez Ahmed.[3][4]

In December 2015, after resigning from the UK government, he was reported as stating that UK authorities are radicalising young Muslims by tackling the terror threat in the wrong way.[5] He ceased tweeting in 2016.[6]

Institute for Statecraft

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Mahmood joined the Institute for Statecraft.