Yalta Conference

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Yalta Conference 1945 Churchill, Stalin, Roosevelt.jpg
Date4 February 1945 - 11 February 1945

The Yalta Conference was a major geopolitical event which sealed a new world order under US hegemony after WWII.


Europe was partitioned in Eastern and Western spheres of influence. The USSR fully supported the agreement and gained new territory.

Official Narrative

Both blocks have been enemies ever since. The USSR has equal military strength compared to US led Nato.


To maintain this "balance" of power both eastern and western intelligence services worked together in preventing a participation of communist parties in western governments during the "cold war" period. [1] Both sides run Gladio style secret armies using radical left- and rightwing organizations as proxies.

This is contrary to the official narrative where such a secret agreement is dismissed in favor of well known enemy images which sharpen the identity of governments (and therefore are deemed necessary for social control of their citizens): "We are the good guys - they are the bad guys" was the message both in the US and the USSR.