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BornJanuary 19, 1945
DiedJanuary 13, 2016 (Age 70)
Alma materColumbia University, University of Michigan
Member ofCouncil on Foreign Relations/Global Board of Advisors
Kuwait academic and activist who advocated liberal political reforms in the autocratic emirate. Attended the 2003 Bilderberg meeting.

Dr Ahmad Bishara was a Kuwaiti[1] academic. Educated a chemical engineer, he was Secretary General of Kuwait National Nuclear Energy Committee and Deputy Director General of Kuwait Foundation for Advancement of Sciences (KFAS).

In 1997, he became the first Secretary-General For the National Democratic Assembly, which advocated for liberal political reforms in the autocratic emirate owned by the Al Sabah ruling family. He attended the 2003 Bilderberg meeting.


He studied chemical engineering in the United States, and obtained three university degrees in chemical engineering from major American universities: a bachelor's degree in 1970 from Columbia University in New York City. and a master's degree in 1972 from Columbia University in New York City. and a PhD in 1978 from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan.[2]


He worked as a professor at the College of Engineering and Petroleum at Kuwait University since 1978.[2]

In 1982, he was seconded from Kuwait University to the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, and held the position of Deputy Director General for Research during the period from 1982 to 1985. He held the position of Assistant Director of Kuwait University for Scientific Affairs during the years 1985/1989. [2]

In 2010, Bishara, as Secretary General of Kuwait's National Nuclear Energy Committee, said the country plans to build four 1,000 megawatt nuclear power reactors by 2022. The plan was scrapped in 2016.[3]


Ahmed Bishara "practiced political work openly and honestly since the 1960s, and he became more involved in public work since he was elected president of the Arab Students League in New York and Michigan, and at another stage he participated in the establishment of the National Democratic Assembly, a public political organization with an independent identity, a patriotic starting point, and a democratic approach. An organization that respects the principles of political and intellectual pluralism, and encourages progressive currents, to participate in political action with impartiality and objectivity, while emulating the practical approach, arbitration of reason and giving priority to the national interest in analysis, and in determining positions towards various issues, and within the framework of the laws in force, so Ahmed Bishara was the first Secretary-General For the National Democratic Assembly, which, along with its colleagues, wrote its charter of articles of association published on May 20, 1997."[2]

He regularly wrote both in English and Arabic on various public issues in local and regional papers and magazines, and appeared on TV shows and in public meetings on various socio-political issues.[4]


Event Participated in

Bilderberg/200315 May 200318 May 2003France
The 51st Bilderberg, in Versailles, France
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