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Person.png Vince Foster   History Commons
Vince Foster.jpg
Born Vincent Walker Foster Jr.
Hope, Arkansas
Died 1993-07-20 (Age 48)
Fairfax County, Virginia
Children 3
Spouse Lisa Foster
Victim of premature death
Interest of Dan Moldea
SubpageVince Foster/Death
A deputy White House Counsel and Clinton confidante who died unexpectedly.

Employment.png Deputy White House Counsel

In office
1993 - July 20, 1993
Boss Bernard Nussbaum
Ended when his body was found in mysterious circumstances.

Vince Foster, a longtime friend whom Bill Clinton made Deputy White House Counsel, was victim of a "suicide" which many have remarked seems implausible.[1]

A video by James Corbett


He was a childhood neighbor and friend of Bill Clinton for the first eight years of his life, until Clinton moved away.


In 1971, Foster joined Rose Law Firm in Little Rock, Arkansas.

After Clinton's 1992 election, Foster joined his White House staff as Deputy White House Counsel in early 1993 after initially being reluctant to do so.


Full article: Vince Foster/Death

Lawyer Allan J. Favish made a FOIA request to the Secret Service for any logs or surveillance video showing the arrival or departure of Vince Foster to the White House on his last day alive, July 20, 1993. They claimed that they had no such evidence. This is remarkable since a camera in front of the White House should have recorded his car if he parked there - and also that it took around 9 months for the FOIA request to be processed.[2]


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