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Status: stable
This property matches websites to their individual or organisational owners

RDF logic:
  • Subject:      Pagenames of people or organisations
  • Predicate:  Has website
  • Object:        URL of the website (type URL)
    Note: To make the link to personal websites, use the "Property:Has operator", see also "Property:Has URL"

2762 Pages use the property "Has website"

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Page nameHas website
Infobox person[http://website http://website]
Infobox person/doc[http://website http://website]
President of Russiahttp://президент.рф/
Andy Worthington
Barack Obama
Kasper Souren
Kevin Annett
Labour Party Irish Society
Lawrence Lessig
Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom
Rush Holt
George Stephanopoulos
George Stephanopolous
United States Postmaster General
American Center for Democracy
Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition Technology and Logistics
Adrian Hänni
Public Advocate of New York City
Paul Wolfowitz
Association of Former Intelligence Officers
Ashfin Rattansi
Afzal Khan
Andreas Papandreou
Gary Aguirre
Alain Chouet
Alexandre Adler
Alison Weir
George Alogoskoufis
Alun Cairns
Amber Rudd
American University (Washington D.C.)
Hooshang Amirahmadi
Andre Vltchek
Andrew Gavin Marshall
Angela Eagle
Anglia Ruskin University
Angus Robertson
Andonis Samaras
Nonie Darwish
The Coalition on Political Assassinations
Arlene Foster
American Security Council
Ed Chau
United States Ambassador to Austria
Ayesha Hazarika
United States Ambassador to Thailand
Barbara Follett
Adam Curtis
Brown Brothers Harriman
United States Ambassador to Belgium
Ben Carson
Bill English
Binali Yıldırım
Jane Bürgermeister
Taglit Birthright
Bjarne Corydon
Bill Morneau
Bob Dylan
Bob Marley
Bob Woodward
United States Ambassador to Colombia
Stine Bosse
Bowdoin College
Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation
Jim Hawes
United States Ambassador to Brazil
Donna Brazile
Brian Stelter
University of Bristol
Brown University
New Zealand Broadcasting Standards Authority
Patrick J. Buchanan
Pat Buchanan
Chancellor of Austria
Chancellor of Germany
President of Austria
United States Ambassador to Burundi
George H. W. Bush
C13 Associates
United States Ambassador to Egypt
Cambridge University
United States Ambassador to Canada
Canadian Labour Congress
United States Ambassador to Australia
United States Ambassador to Venezuela
Carlyle Group
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Catherine West
Central Bank of Russia
Centre for Constitutional Rights
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Competitive Enterprise Institute
Center for Security Policy
Centre for European Reform
Conservative Friends of Israel
United States Ambassador to Chile
Noam Chomsky
Chris Hadfield
Christopher Leslie
Central Intelligence Retirement Association
Bill Clinton
Center for Medicine in the Public Interest
Charles Colson
Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller)
Conflict Studies Research Centre
John Conyers
Bob Corker
Cornerstone Group
Tom Cotton
Craig Murray
Craig Timberg
Christine Varney
Creighton University
Jeff Gates
International Crisis Group
Ted Cruz
John Young
Center for Strategic and International Studies
John Hamre
Center for Peace and Security Studies
European Court of Justice
Dmitry Medvedev
United States Ambassador to Syria
Damascus University
Dave Anderson
David Corn
David DeGraw
David Gauke
David Gergen
David Jones
David Ray Griffin
David Dees
Deborah Dupre
Demis Hassabis
Democracy Now!
Chair of the Democratic National Committee
Admiral Jeremiah Denton Foundation
DePauw University
United States Ambassador to Bangladesh
David Halpin
Diana West
Diane Abbott
Diederik Samsom
Kevin Ryan
Yale Divinity School
United States Ambassador to Djibouti
Dominik Suter
Dora Bakoyannis
Israel/Defense Forces
United States Senate Caucus on International Narcotics Control
University of Delhi
United States Ambassador to Ireland
Mark Dubowitz
Barry Walker
Evgeny Fedorov
European Commissioner for Internal Market and Services
European Commissioner for Trade
European Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs and the Euro
European Commissioner for Jobs Growth Investment and Competitiveness
José Manuel Barroso
José Durão Barroso
European Court of Human Rights
Ellen Brown
Keith Ellison
Endowment for Middle East Truth
Emily Thornberry
University of Athens
University of Warsaw
Vladimir Putin
Ali Khamenei
Moscow State Institute of International Relations
South Korea/President
President of Taiwan
Leningrad State University
Tel Aviv University
Electronic Privacy Information Center
European Union
European Foundation for Democracy
Fabian Society
Mark Zuckerberg
Faik Öztrak
Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting
Family Security Matters
Erlangen Nuremberg University
Federal Trust
Fehmi Koru
Jacob G. Hornberger
Madeleine McCann
United States Ambassador to Finland
Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy
World Peace Foundation
Fox News
Foreign Policy Centre
United States Ambassador to France
Frank Dobson
Foundation for Research on Economics and Environment
Freedom Defense Initiative
Talha Ahsan
Francis Fukuyama
Gary Sick
Bill Gates
Gavin Williamson
Government Communications Security Bureau
George Osborne
George Pataki
George Soros
United States Ambassador to Germany
Germar Rudolf
Gilles Kepel
Kirsten Gillibrand
Glenn Greenwald
Glenn Hubbard
Michel Chossudovsky
George Mason University
Mark Gaffney
Governor of California
Romanian prime minister
Jeremy Wright
Peter Ricketts
Mark Rutte
Stephen Gowans
George Papaconstantinou
Graham E. Fuller
Green Monitor
Greg Clark
Stanford Graduate School of Business
Simon Jenkins
Harriett Baldwin
Kurt Haskell
Orrin Hatch
The Heartland Institute
Paul Smyth
Herzliya Conference
Hilda Murrell
David Kaiser
Peter Hitchens
Harvard Law School
Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs
Harvard Medical School
Oberlin College
John Perry Barlow
United States House of Representatives
H.P. Albarelli Jr.
University of Huddersfield
International Human Rights and Conflict Resolution Clinic
Jørgen Huno Rasmussen
Iain Wright
Dylan Avery
Ian Lavery
International Center for Alcohol Policies
International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation and Political Violence
International Democrat Union
Ilhan Kesici
Imad Mustafa
The Institute of Modern Russia
Mike Pence
Institute for National Strategic Studies
University of Gdańsk
Institute for Public Policy Research
United States Ambassador to Iraq
Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament
United States Ambassador to Pakistan
Prime Minister of Pakistan
Islamist Watch
United States Ambassador to Israel
Israel Shamir
United States Ambassador to Italy
International Trade Union Confederation
Jacinda Ardern
Jack Matlock
United States Ambassador to Indonesia
Jamestown Foundation
James Webb
Jane Ellison
Jay Dyer
Jean-Marie Le Pen
Barry Jennings
Jess Phillips
Jim Goad
Jo Johnson
Jo Cox
John Hemming
John Browne
John Kasich
John Key
John le Carré
John Pilger
John Thurso
Jonathan Freedland
United States Ambassador to Jordan
Joseph Muscat
Julia Gillard
Julie Girling
Justine Greening
United States Ambassador to Afghanistan
Tim Kaine
United States Ambassador to Uganda
Karen House
Kasim Reed
Kate Osamor
United States Ambassador to Kazakhstan
Keir Starmer
Jack Kemp
University of Kent
Kevin Rudd
United States Ambassador to the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Klaus Iohannis
Don Knabe
Adam Kokesh
James Howard Kunstler
United States Ambassador to Kuwait
Lamont Colucci
Tony Cartalucci
United States Ambassador to Laos
Lars Løkke Rasmussen
University of Law
Patrick Leahy
United States Ambassador to Lebanon
Leuren Moret
Lindsey Graham
Libyan Investment Authority
Dahlia Wasfi
United States Ambassador to Libya
Ole Dammegård
United States Ambassador to Peru
Eduard Limonov
Liz Kendall
Lev Leviev
Lloyds of London
Mayor of London
United States Ambassador to the United Kingdom
Michael Ashcroft
Louise Ellman
Louka Katseli
Chabad Lubavitch
Loyola University
Luke Akehurst
Mogens Lykketoft
United States Ambassador to Macedonia
United States Ambassador to Spain
Fondazione Magna Carta
Malcolm Turnbull
United States Ambassador to the Philippines
Marilyn Monroe
Mark Crispin Miller
Mark Curtis
Martina Anderson
Brandon Martinez
Mary Ann Sieghart
May Ayres
Mayor of Chicago
Claire McCaskill
McGill University
Cathy McMorris Rodgers
Melanie Phillips
Bob Menendez
Robert Menendez
Merritt College
Scott Noble
United States Ambassador to Mexico
Mhairi Black
Michael Moore
Michael Parenti
Michael T. Flynn
Sharmine Narwani
Michael Bloomberg
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Sloan School of Management
Mitt Romney
Marsh & McLennan
Mateusz Morawiecki
UK/Ministry of Defence
Monthly Review
Moon Jae-in
Moonscape Ventures
Morris Berman
United States Ambassador to the Soviet Union
United States Ambassador to Russia
Moshe Yaalon
Mossack Fonseca
Stephen Gash
Ralph Nader
United States Ambassador to Kenya
Madhav Das Nalapat
Naomi Klein
National Center for Public Policy Research
United States Ambassador to NATO
Chuck Todd
Notre Dame University
Farhad Azima
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
United States Ambassador to India
New Development Bank
Mishal Husain
International Center for the Study of Terrorism
Nia Griffith
Nicholas Wilson
Nick Herbert
Nicky Morgan
Nigel Farage
United States Ambassador to Nigeria
Sauli Niinisto
Sauli Niinistö
National Nuclear Security Administration
Michael Scheuer
Norbert Lammert
Norman Pearlstine
Richard Desmond
Northwestern University
National Reconnaissance Office
Christof Lehmann
New Zealand Defence Force
Occupy London
Undersecretary General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator
Occupy Central
Office for Students
General Counsel of the Navy
Olaf Scholz
Open Europe
Prime Minister of Malta
Prince and Grand Master of the Order of Malta
United States Office of Research Integrity
Andrey Fomine
Andre Fomine
Ohio State University
Otto Hostettler
Oxford University
Pamela Geller
United States Ambassador to Panama
George Papandreou
Yannis Papathanasiou
Patrick Sookhdeo
Pat Robertson
Rand Paul
Paul Craig Roberts
Paul Eisen
Jews for justice for Germans
Paul Johnson
Nancy Pellosi
Property and Environment Research Center
Peter Eyre
Peter Hoekstra
Justin Trudeau
Stephen Harper
Prime Minister of India
Nawaz Sharif
South Korea/Prime Minister
United States Ambassador to Poland
Under Secretary of Defense for Policy
Corvinus University of Budapest
Portland Communications
António Costa
United States Ambassador to Portugal
Poynter Institute
Pedro Pablo Kuczynski
United States Ambassador to the Czech Republic
Laura Poitras
Prime Minister of Belgium
Prime Minister of Russia
President of the Dominican Republic
President of Afghanistan
Rodrigo Duterte
Mamnoon Hussain
Hassan Rouhani
Jerry Rawlings
United States Ambassador to Kosovo
Privy Council
Lord President of the Council
Pro Köln
University of the Punjab
Panjab University
Mitchell Daniels
Robert Forrester
Jonathan Sacks
Mariano Rajoy
Reason Foundation
Regina Calcaterra
Rick Santorum
United States Ambassador to Saudi Arabia
Roald Dahl
Robert Eringer
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