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Speaking at ALR 2021 in march 2021, Kevin Rudd "shared insights on the challenges facing Australia in a competitive geopolitical environment. Is Australia ready? 50m+ population required?"[1]
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Founder• Ninian M Stephen
• Michael Roux
HeadquartersMelbourne, Hayman Island, Queensland
Membership• Michael Jeffery
• Jeanne Pratt
• Anton Roux
• Matt Faubel
• Sean Innis
• Loretta Joseph
• Jane Thomason
• Greg Medcraft
• Richard Alston
• Glenn Barnes
• Chris Barrie
• Steve Bracks
• Edward Byrne
• Terrence Campbell
• Megan Clark
• Tim Costello
• Glyn Davis
• Saul Eslake
• Allan Fels
• Philip Freier
• Margaret Gardner
• Charles Goode
• John Karkar
• Graham Kraehe
• Simon Longstaff
• Steven Marshall
• Terry Mor
• Hugh Morgan
• Sam Mostyn
• Maurice Newma
• Hon Andrew Robb
• James Roche
• Steven Skala
• John Stanley
• Glenn Stevens
• Catherine Walter
• Richard Warburton
• Ian Watt
• Eric Beinhocker
• Robert Bishop
• Phillip Blond
• Woody Brock
• Nick Butler
• Robert Cervero
• Ken Courtis
• Paul Davies
• Charles Emmerson
• Dan Esty
• Raghida Dergham
• Thomas Friedman
• Ian Goldin
• Ralph Gomory
• Nik Gowing
• Susan Greenfield
• Gideon Henderson
• Ove Hoegh-Guldberg
• Yoshito Hori
• Dan Kahan
• Anatole Kaletsky
• David Kilcullen
• Ellen Langer
• Lawrence Lessig
• Kishore Mahbubani
• William Mayer
• Jonathan Medved
• David Menashri
• Ilian Mihov
• Robin Niblett
• Olivier Oullier
• Paul Rome
• Mahmood Sariolghalam
• Bror Saxberg
• Anthony Scaramucci
• Tom Schelling
• Joe Schoendorf
• Nicholas Stern
• Joseph Stiglitz
• Hirotaka Takeuchi
• Manuel Trajtenberg
• Adam Trombly
• Geoffrey West
• Martin Wolf
• Gabe Zichermann
• Helen Nugent
• Francis Finlay
• Terry Campbell
• Craig Drummond
• Stephen Fitzgerald
• Greig Gailey
• John Hay
• Helen Nugent
Organization created to promote the World Economic Forum within Australia. Its secretive, invitation only, annual Leadership Retreat "brings together Federal Ministers, State Premiers and Ministers, Chief Executives, senior government officials, leading international academics and other community leaders to "contribute to the process of setting the agenda".

The Australian Davos Connection is an organization to promote the World Economic Forum within Australia[2].

It hosts an annual Australian Leadership Retreat, a secretive conference of approximately 160 delegates from business, government, academia and politics "gathered to discuss the challenges facing Australia and the world"[3] and contribute to the process of setting the agenda.

Australian Leadership Retreat

The ADC Forum was founded in 1996, when it was named the Australian Davos Connection.[3]

The Australian Leadership Retreat "provides a forum for top-level discussion on a range of globally focused topics including: economics, management and finance; geopolitics; social and community issues; climate change and the environment; regional insights; technology, science and medicine."[4]

The ‘invitation only’ two and a half day Retreat brings together Federal Cabinet Ministers from Australia and Asia, State Premiers and Senior Ministers, Chief Executives from the top 100 companies in Australasia, senior government officials, leading international academics and other community leaders to discuss the key issues affecting the nation, the wider region, and the international community.[5]

The ADC Forum is Melbourne-based.[3] Its yearly Retreat on Hayman Island in Queensland is far more secretive than its Davos counterpart, and no list of participants is released, and it receives a minuscule amount of corporate media coverage. It is run under Chatham House rules.

The Retreat is an exclusive invitation-only event for people to contribute to the process of setting the agenda.[6]


People include the board and "International Faculty" of the ADC as of 2023,[7] which seems to mean people who have held speeches, plus some older board members.[8]


Known members

14 of the 90 of the members already have pages here:

Nick ButlerAcademic founder of the British-American Project
Thomas FriedmanCFR, TLC, two Bilderbergs
Nik GowingUK Deep state connected TV journalist
Michael JefferySpecial Action Forces, counter-terrorism, then Governor General of Australia
Anatole KaletskyBilderberg economist journalist
Lawrence LessigProponent of reduced legal restrictions on copyright, trademark, and radio frequency spectrum, particularly in technology applications.
Robin NiblettChatham House Director/Chief executive from 2007-2022...
Olivier OullierNeuroinformatics expert. Former member of the Executive Committee of the World Economic Forum.
James Roche
Mahmood SariolghalamUS deep state connected Iranian academic
Anthony ScaramucciUS financier, White House Director of Communications for 10 days in July 2017. Regular at WEF AGMs
Nicholas SternUK suspected deep state functionary. Chief Economist of the World Bank 2000 - 2003, regular at WEF AGMs
Joseph Stiglitz"The Globalizer Who Came In From the Cold"
Martin WolfEconomic journalist and serial Bilderberger, aggressively promoting COVID jabs in February 2021
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