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Born Jessica Rose Trainor
9 October 1981
Party Labour

Jess Phillips (born 9 October 1981) is a British Labour Party politician who became the Member of Parliament (MP) for the constituency of Birmingham Yardley in the 2015 General Election, and was re-elected in June 2017. She is chair of the Women's Parliamentary Labour Party (WPLP).[1]

Jess Phillips is a vocal critic of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and has threatened to stab him "in the front".[2]

Defeating the Lib Dems

Jess Phillips was selected to contest Birmingham Yardley in June 2013, a constituency at the time represented by John Hemming of the Liberal Democrats who at the 2010 election held the seat with a 3,002 majority.[3] For the 2015 General Election, Labour required a swing of 3.7% to take the seat,[4] and after a swing of 11.7% Phillips achieved a majority of 6,595 or 16% of votes cast.[5][6] She made her maiden speech on 28 May 2015, highlighting the issue of homelessness.[7]

In the 2015 Labour leadership election, Phillips nominated Yvette Cooper for leader and Tom Watson for Deputy Leader.[8][9]

Jess Phillips was appointed Parliamentary Private Secretary (PPS) to Lucy Powell, then Shadow Education Secretary, in September 2015.[10]

Clash with Diane Abbott

Jess Phillips verbally clashed with fellow MP Diane Abbott on 14 September 2015 over the gender composition of Jeremy Corbyn's first Shadow Cabinet. After she asked Corbyn why he had failed to appoint a woman to shadow the great offices of state, Abbott accused her of being "sanctimonious" and pointed out that Phillips was "not the only feminist in the Parliamentary Labour Party". Corbyn did not intervene.[11] Owen Bennett wrote in The Huffington Post that Phillips recounted: "'I roundly told her to fuck off.' When asked what Ms Abbott did after that suggestion, Ms Phillips replied: 'She fucked off'."[12]


In October 2015, Jess Phillips caused controversy by mocking Philip Davies MP for trying to get a debate about International Men's Day.[13] Phillips said "You’ll have to excuse me for laughing. As the only woman on this committee, it seems like every day to me is International Men’s Day."[14][15][16] Following her objections, Phillips was subjected to rape threats on social media.[17][18] Phillips said she did not attend the debate in November to avoid her clash with Davies becoming the dominant issue.[19]

Knifing Jeremy Corbyn

Jess Phillips reported to Owen Jones in December 2015 that she had told Jeremy Corbyn and his staff "to their faces: 'The day that ... you are hurting us more than you are helping us, I won't knife you in the back, I'll knife you in the front', if it looked as though he was damaging Labour's chances of winning the next general election."[20] Responding to criticism about her use of language, Phillips said on Twitter:

"I am no more going to actually knife Jeremy Corbyn than I am actually a breath of fresh air, or a pain in the arse".[21]


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