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(Author, Columnist)
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BornDiana West
November 8, 1961
Hollywood, California
Alma materYale
Member ofInternational Free Press Society
Interests • Soviet influence operations
• Robert Malone

Diana West is a syndicated newspaper columnist and has written essays for publications including The Wall Street Journal, The New Criterion, The Public Interest, The Weekly Standard, and The Washington Post. She has been co-vice president of the International Free Press Society.[1]


She is the author of several books. In: American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation's Character (2013), she argues that after the fall of the Soviet Union, historians failed to sufficiently "adjust the historical record" to account for newly available Soviet files and archives. West writes on the extent of Soviet influence during the Roosevelt and Truman Presidencies.[2] She argues that infiltration of the American government by Stalinist agents and fellow-travelers had significantly altered Allied policies in favor of the Soviet Union during the Second World War.


She is critical of Robert Malone and thinks he is a different person than he presents to the outside and writes: "Robert Malone should not be at the helm" [of the health freedom movement].[3]