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Status: stable
property to be assigned to the operator/controller/owner of a publishing undertaking

RDF logic:
  • Subject:      Website or other publication
  • Predicate:  Has operator
  • Object:        Person, organisation corporate-body etc (type page)

107 Pages use the property "Has operator"

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Page nameHas operator
MediumA Medium Corporation
Zero HedgeABC Media Limited
Natural NewsMike Adams
RedditAdvance Publications
Kevin Annett/WebsiteKevin Annett
Naked CapitalismAurora Advisors Incorporated
AmazonJeff Bezos
The Killing Hope WebsiteWilliam Blum
Christopher Bollyn's Web siteChristopher Bollyn
Rogue Media LabsBrian Dunn
History CommonsCenter for Grassroots Oversight
SourceWatchCenter for Media and Democracy
Global ResearchMichel Chossudovsky
EcosiaChristian Kroll
Jonathan Cook/WebsiteJonathan Cook
The Corbett ReportJames Corbett
Media LensDavid Cromwell
David Edwards
Crown Prosecution Service web siteCrown Prosecution Service
Mark Curtis' WebsiteMark Curtis
Linguistic DeterminismEdmund Dalpe
AmpedStatusDavid DeGraw
Bank of Credit and Commerce InternationalDeep state
The Dees Illustration StudioDavid Dees
Huffman AviationRudi Dekkers
Duck Duck Go
Jay's AnalysisJay Dyer
Human Beings FirstZahir Ebrahim
Boiling Frogs PostSibel Edmonds
F-DroidF-Droid Limited
Information Clearing HouseTom Feeley
The InterceptFirst Look Media
CryptogonKevin Flaherty
InfowarsFree Speech Systems LLC
The Juice MediaGiordano Nanni
Vera Graziadei blogVera Graziadei
Deep Black LiesDavid Guyatt
Foreign Policy JournalJeremy R. Hammond
On the ContraryMichael Hoffman
Al Akhbar EnglishIbrahim Al Amine
AlterNetIndependent Media Institute
The Deep State BlogIndependent Media Institute
World Socialist Web SiteInternational Committee of the Fourth International
Irish TimesIrish Times Trust
Focal Point PublicationsDavid Irving
Assassinationscience.comJames Fetzer
DarkmoonJohn Scott Montecristo
Daily KosKos Media
Kunstler.comJames Howard Kunstler
Key WikiTrevor Loudon
Radio4All.netLyn Gerry
Occidental ObserverKevin MacDonald
Golem XIV - ThoughtsDavid Malone
Institute for Historical ReviewMark Weber
Brian Martin's websiteBrian Martin
Drudgereport.comMatt Drudge
Serendipity.liPeter Meyer
Voltaire NetworkThierry Meyssan
Craig Murray's blogCraig Murray
MetapediaNFSE Media AB
Mideast ShuffleSharmine Narwani
ExaroNew Sparta Ltd. (Jerome Booth)
The Harrogate AgendaPeter North
Open DemocracyOpenDemocracy Foundation for the Advancement of Global Education
Black Op RadioLen Osanic
The Rwanda Document ProjectPeter Erlinder
JohnPilger.comJohn Pilger
SnopesProper Media
PowerbasePublic Interest Investigations
Lobster MagazineRobin Ramsay
Activist Teacher BlogDenis Rancourt
Jon Rappoport's BlogJon Rappoport
RationalWikiRationalMedia Foundation
ISGPJoël van der Reijden
Inconvenient HistoryRichard A Widmann
Paulcraigroberts.orgPaul Craig Roberts
Unwelcome GuestsRobin
Rozoff's blogRick Rozoff
Russia TodayRussia
Vineyard of the Saker'The Saker'
The GuardianScott Trust Ltd
Spy CultureTom Secker
Investigating The TerrorTom Secker
The Writings of Israel ShamirIsrael Shamir
Spartacus EducationalJohn Simkin
The RegisterSituation Publishing
NNDBSoylent Communications
WikileaksSunshine Press
StartPageSurfboard Holdings B.V.
Urban Moving SystemsDominik Suter
War Is A CrimeDavid Swanson
Tarpley.NetWebster Tarpley
ThiemeworksRichard Thieme
Memory Hole BlogJames Tracy
TruthdigTruthdig L.L.C.
GawkerUnivision Communications
Crypto AGUnknown
The VergeVox Media
WikipediaWikimedia Foundation
WikiquoteWikimedia Foundation
CryptomeJohn Young
FacebookMark Zuckerberg