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BornKatrin Dagmar Eckardt
3 May 1966
Member ofAtlantik-Brücke
PartyAlliance 90/The Greens
Warmongering German Green politician

Employment.png Member of the Bundestag for Thuringia

In office
27 October 1998 - Present

Katrin Dagmar Göring-Eckardt is a German politician of the German Green Party. Connected to the deep state Atlantik-Brücke, she has been the proponent of projects such as Agenda 2010, the Kosovo War, and military intervention in Syria. In 2022 she told of how her government planned a collapse in living standards:

We should be aware of this: the necessary cuts due to the war are only the beginning. The climate crisis will demand many more cuts from us. Our lives will change whether we want to or not.
Wealth is already distributed very unfairly. Those who are poor must not be burdened further. Therefore, it must apply that what remains to us, we will have to distribute more equitably...In addition, many very rich people live in our country, who do not mind even higher gas bills. We will have to redistribute resources.[1]


Starting her political activity in the now-former German Democratic Republic (East Germany) in the late 1980s, she has been a member of the German Bundestag since 1998. She became co-chair of her party caucus in the Bundestag (2002–2005) and the Greens' Vice President of the Bundestag on 18 October 2005, a position that she held until 2013. In the November 2012 primary election, the Green Party chose her and Jürgen Trittin as the top two candidates for the Greens for the 2013 German federal election.[2] She also stood as joint top candidate for the Greens in the 2017 German federal election, alongside Cem Özdemir.[3]

As of 2023, she is Vice-President of the German Bundestag, a position she has held since 2021, and also held the position from 2005 to 2013.

Between 2009 and 2013, Göring-Eckardt was praeses (foreman) of the synod of the Evangelical Church in Germany.

Agenda 2010

In economic and social policy terms, Göring-Eckardt distinguished herself as a strong supporter of the Agenda 2010 during the government of the Red-Green Collation under Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, spending cuts which sharply increased poverty in Germany. As the group leader of the Greens, she was significantly involved in pushing through the legislative packages of hard cuts in social benefits, against intra-party resistance. She described Agenda 2010 described them not only as "courageous" and "necessary for the common good", but also as a "spring of renewal". She characterized the sanctions options introduced with Hartz IV, such as benefit cuts by the job centers, as "mobility opportunities" for those affected.[4] She also supposed a higher pension age.[5]

War proponent

Göring-Eckardt was a member of the deep state Atlantik-Brücke, which she allegedly left in 2013.[6]

She voted for the Kosovo War in 1999, a war that the Green Party played a pivotal propaganda role in creating support for. In a 2012 TV-program, she justified her vote on the Kosovo War, among other things, with religious motives "At that time I read the Bible very, very much and talked to many people about what was very important to me. I told myself that when it comes to war and peace or life and death, one cannot act against faith. However, I voted for the military operation, because when I weighed it, I found that it was probably right. In retrospect, I am very glad that it turned out to be right."[7]

In October 2014 she called for more initiative from the German government with regard to a UN mandate, which should lay the groundwork for possible deployment of NATO ground troops.[8]

Russia and Ukraine

Göring-Eckardt has been a supporter of Pussy Riot[9], and various dissidents in Russia and Belarus.[10][11]

She was a supporter of the 2014 Maidan-coup in Ukraine, economic sanctions and continued efforts for a regime change in Russia too.[12]

In 2016, she called for a hard line on Syria, including a no-fly zone, which would lead to a military confrontation with Russia:

Politicians must finally put pressure on Russia to implement a no-fly zone. First of all, these friendly visits to Mr. Putin must stop. Sigmar Gabriel's trip to Moscow did nothing to improve the situation in Syria. Secondly, the use of bunker-busting bombs and barrel bombs must be designated as a war crime and punished accordingly. The German government should urgently initiate a procedure for imposing new sanctions against Russia for its barbaric actions in Syria. After Moscow and Washington failed to agree on a ceasefire, Europe needs to take on more responsibility.[13]

In February 2023, Göring-Eckhardt visited Ukraine. A video shows her enthusiastically hug Maksym Marchenko, seemingly as an old friend. Marchenko was the leader of the far-right Aidar Battalion from 2015-2017. As a long-time Ukraine expert of the Greens, Göring-Eckhardt is of course aware of the man's background.[14][15]


In September 2015, Göring-Eckardt explained on TV:

This country will [...] change quite drastically. It will be a hard road, but then I think we can really be a better country. And to work on it, to do it with enthusiasm, to take people with you, even those who are afraid [...], this is actually the historic opportunity. This is probably even more than the German unity, what we can achieve there. [...] What the Chancellor has done is a great idea of what it means to rethink this country. [...] Employers have been stomping their feet for a long time and saying: We need these people. […]"[16]


In November 2022, the organization United4Rescue, which helps migrants cross the Mediterranean Sea, in which her partner is on the board, received two million euros from the federal budget of the Foreign Ministry led by the Greens. This led to accusations of nepotism.[17]


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