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Group.png McGill University  
MottoGrandescunt Aucta Labore
TypePublic university
Sponsored byRockefeller Foundation
Other nameMcGill Redmen (men's) McGill Martlets (women's)


Event Sponsored

Rockefeller Foundation


Alumni on Wikispooks

Harriett Baldwin2 May 1960Politician
Leonard Beaton20 June 19299 June 1971CanadaJournalistDied aged 41, 3 years afer attended the 1969 Bilderberg. His book, The Reform of Power appeared posthumously in 1972.
Yoshua Bengio1964CanadaResearcher
Deep learning expert who attended the 2016 Bilderberg
Conrad Black25 August 1944Canada
Media mogul
Deep politician
Fraudulent Bilderberg steering committee member
Robert Black12 June 1947Spook
Suppressor Black toasting the Mickey Mouse tribunal that he designed to exonerate apartheid South Africa
Louis M. Bloomfield8 August 190619 July 1984CanadaPolitician
Ian Brodie25 July 1967CanadaPolitical scientistAttended the 2008 Bilderberg as Chief of Staff to the Canadian Prime Minister
Zbigniew Brzezinski28 March 192826 May 2017USPolitician
Deep politician
US Deep politician, Cercle, Bilderberg, ...
Gerald Butts8 July 1971Canada
Gordon Fisher19291985CanadaPublisherNewspaper CEO charged with a cartel conspiracy to reduce competition.
Hidipo Hamutenya17 June 19396 October 2016Politician
Arnold Heeney5 April 190220 December 1970CanadaDiplomat
Civil servant
Deep state actor
Deep State Canadian civil servant, then Ambassador to the United States. When PM Diefenbaker showed signs of independence, Heeney spent much time lobbying his own government against it.
Robert MacIntosh8 January 19236 October 2020CanadaBanker
Canadian, "an enormously enthusiastic banker", 1977 Bilderberg
Hillel NeuerUSLawyer
Sylvia Ostry3 June 19277 May 2020CanadaEconomistQuad Bilderberg Canadian economist
Heather Reisman28 August 1948CanadaBillionaire
Canadian former Bilderberg steering committee billionaire businesswoman
G. Richard ThomanUSBusinesspersonTriple Bilderberger
Graham Towers29 September 18974 December 1975Central banker
Justin Trudeau25 December 1971Politician
David Wright (Canadian)1944CanadaDiplomat
Mortimer Zuckerman4 June 1937CanadaMedia mogul
Canadian billionaire media magnate
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