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(Novelist, philosopher, filmmaker, journalist)
Saint Petersburg, USSR
Died22 September 2020 (Age 57)
Istanbul, Turkey
ResidenceAsia,  Africa
NationalityUnited States
Member ofAmerican Herald Tribune, The Unz Review
Victim ofpremature death
Andre Vltchek is a philosopher, novelist, filmmaker and investigative journalist.

André Vltchek was a novelist, philosopher, investigative journalist, filmmaker, photographer and playwright. He covered dozens of war zones and conflicts from Bosnia and Peru to Sri Lanka, DR Congo,Timor-Leste, Iraq and Syria. A passionate communist and internationalist, he was a strong critic of Western policies towards the rest of the world. After living for many years in Latin America and Oceania, Vltchek died "under suspicious circumstances" in September 2020, in Istanbul, Turkey.[1]


On 22 September 2020, he died while traveling overnight from the Turkish Black Sea coastal city of Samsun to Istanbul. Andre Vltchek, 57, and his wife were traveling inside a rented and chauffeured car and arrived in front of their Istanbul hotel at around 5:30 a.m. on Tuesday. His wife tried to wake him up to tell him they had arrived but could not do so, the Anadolu Agency reported. The private DHA news agency said police recorded his case as a “suspicious death.”[2]


André Vltchek was born in Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg), the Soviet Union, in 1963. He spent most of his adult life in New York City and worked and lived in all of the continents of the world.

Fiction and non-fiction

Vltchek is the author of several novels, non-fiction books and plays. Most of them are written in English and have so far been translated into 15 languages, including French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Bahasa Indonesia.

  • Fighting Against Western Imperialism, a book of philosophical essays about the rise of Western imperialism
  • On Western Terrorism, a discussion on western power and propaganda with Noam Chomsky
  • Point of No Return, his major work of fiction written in English;
  • Indonesia - Archipelago of Fear, a book about post-1965 Indonesia, a collapsed state and Western neo-colonialist concept,
  • Oceania, an in-depth analysis of the entire Pacific region and its "destruction" by traditional and neo-colonial powers
  • Exile (with Rossie Indira), a book of conversations with the foremost Southeast Asian writer Pramoedya Ananta Toer
  • Western Terror: From Potosi to Baghdad, a book of political nonfiction
  • Ghosts of Valparaiso and Conversations with James, two plays translated into several languages including Spanish
  • Nalezený, a novel published in Czech

Since the 1990s, Vltchek has extensively contributed to Footprint's South American Handbook edited by Ben Box.[3]

Film-making, investigative journalism, photography

Vltchek is producing and directing documentary films for a Venezuela-based international television network, Telesur, including those on Turkish/Syrian border, Egypt; Surabaya, Indonesia; Okinawa, Japan; Nairobi, Kenya. He closely works with the Russian Today (RT) and Press TV.

Since the 1980s, Vltchek has worked as war correspondent and photographer, covering conflicts all over the world.

In 2004 he produced and directed a feature-length documentary film about the Indonesian massacres in 1965 – Terlena – Breaking of The Nation. Right after a devastating earthquake that shook Chile in February 2010, Vltchek travelled to Chile and throughout the country and produced a video titled Chile Between Two Earthquakes. For UNESCO Vltchek wrote and directed a film Tumaini about social collapse and devastation caused by HIV pandemic in communities around Lake Victoria in Kenya. In 2012, he wrote and directed 27-minute and 70-minute feature films One Flew Over Dadaab to depict the 20-year long tragedy of Somali refugees in the largest refugee camps in the world: Dadaab, situated in Northern Kenya. He has recently finalized a feature-length documentary film The Rwanda Gambit challenging the western narrative on genocide in Rwanda and its plunder in neighboring DR Congo.


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  • On Western Terrorism: From Hiroshima to Drone Warfare (2013). (with Noam Chomsky). Pluto Press, 200 p. ISBN 978-0745333878
  • Fighting Against Western Imperialism (2014). Badak Merah Semesta, 164 p. ISBN 978-6027005822
  • Point of No Return (2nd Edition, 2013). Mainstay Press, 364 p. ISBN 978-0977459070
  • Indonesia Archipelago of Fear (2012). Pluto Press. 288 p. ISBN 9780745331997
  • Oceania: Neocoloniams, Nukes and Bones (2013). Atuanui Press, 258 p. ISBN 978-0992245337
  • Exile: Conversations with Pramoedya Ananta (2006). (with Rosie Indira and Nagesh Rao). Haymarket Books. 166 p. ISBN 1-931859-28-0
  • Western Terror: From Potosi to Baghdad (2006). Mainstay Press. 304 p. ISBN 0-9774590-3-9
  • Liberation Lit (2010). (with Toni Christini). Mainstay Press. 822 p. ISBN 0-9774590-6-3


Documents by André Vltchek

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Document:Why Does the West Hate North Korea?article8 March 2016North Korea
South Korea
Suppressed information about North Korea and suggestions as to why it gets such a bad press in the West


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