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(Journalist, Activist, Banker, Businessman)
Manfred Petritsch.jpg
BornBuenos Aires, Argentina
Died22 August 2021
Interests • 9-11
• 911 truth
• Globalism
• Bilderberg
• Schlafschafe
• chemtrails
Deep state researcher with huge German-language output.

Manfred Petritsch was a German/Swiss businessman who became interested in the events of 9-11.[1] He was the operator of the German language blog Alles Schall und Rauch, where he under the pen name Freeman wrote a huge amount of original research into deep state activities.


Born in Buenos Aires and raised in Australia, Manfred Petritsch sailed to Europe alone at the age of 19, where he met his wife in Switzerland, founded a family and built a small but successful software company.[2]


Alles Schall und Rauch

Petritsch's blog, Alles Schall und Rauch was receiving over 3 million hits a month as of 2016, surpassing 200 million hits in the period 2007-2016. It is an influential German-language platform for discussing third rail topics.[3] After his death in 2018, the blog is continued by others, with somewhat reduced activity.


In 2011, his Facebook page was deleted without explanation when he reported on the Bilderberg conference in St. Moritz the same year.[3]

Later life

Petritsch left Switzerland and moved to the breakaway republic of Abkhazia on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus.[2] He died there in August 2021 from fast onset of Motor Neuron Disease, also known as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).


His daughter distanced herself from her father's life work and "conspiracy theories" in general. She wrote an article about how this distancing happened, which was published by Vice News.[2]

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