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Group.png Brown University  
MottoIn Deo Speramus
HeadquartersRhode Island, USA
Other nameBears


Alumni on Wikispooks

Willard Butcher25 October 192625 August 2012USFinancier
Michael Cardozo28 June 1941USLawyer
Duane Clarridge16 April 19329 April 2016USSpook
Deep politician
Chuck Colson16 October 193121 April 2012LawyerIndicted for conspiring to cover up the Watergate burglaries
Tommy Corcoran29 December 19006 December 1981USLawyer
David Corn20 February 1959Journalist
Rosemary DiCarlo1947Diplomat
Steve Emerson6 June 1954USAuthor
Jeffrey Greenberg1951USJournalist
Oliver HaarmanSeptember 1967GermanFinancier
Richard Holbrooke24 April 194113 December 2010USDiplomat
Deep state operative
Bilderberg/Steering committee, deep state operative
Charles Evans Hughes11 April 186227 August 1948Judge
E. Howard Hunt9 October 191823 January 2007USAuthor
Deep state operative
A CIA officer and USDSO. Heavily involved in both the Watergate Coup and the assassination of JFK.
Roberta Jacobson8 March 1962Diplomat
Deep state operative
John D. Rockefeller Jr29 January 187411 May 1960Financier
Donald Kagan1 May 1932USAcademic
Jim Yong Kim8 December 1959The first World Bank President since 1995 who was not a member of the Bilderberg Steering committee.
Victoria Nuland1961US Assistant Secretary of State, European and Eurasian Affairs (September 2013).
Richard Olney15 September 18358 April 1917Lawyer
Michael ParentiUSAcademic
Thomas Perez7 October 1961Lawyer
Jesselyn Radack12 December 1970USWhistleblower
A US whistleblower in the aftermath of 9-11.
Steven Rattner5 July 1952USFinancierTwo decades at Lehman Brothers, Lazard Freres, Morgan Stanley, US Treasury Department, 5 Bilderbergs, Brookings...
Timothy Snyder18 August 1969USAcademic
CFR, widely published historian who attended the Bilderberg for the first time in 2019.
Kenneth Starr21 July 1946Lawyer
John Sullivan20 November 1959Lawyer
W. Stuart Symington14 June 1952Diplomat
Arthur R. Taylor6 July 19353 December 2015USBusinesspersonQuad Bilderberger US businessman
Ted Turner19 November 1938Media mogul
Janet Yellen13 August 1946US


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