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Born13 November 1973
Alma materMelbourne Grammar, University of Melbourne
Member ofWEF/Young Global Leaders/2013
Interests • face mask
• digitization
• McKinsey & Company
Started business working for digitization of healthcare. Then at the very start of the COVID-event he organized worldwide campaign for mandatory face masks, making face-to-face health care very difficult. World Economic Forum Young Global Leader.

Jeremy Howard is an Australian data scientist, entrepreneur[1] a member of WEF/Young Global Leaders 2013. In 2014, he started a business trying to digitize healthcare. At the very start of the COVID-event he organized a worldwide campaign for mandatory face masks, which would make face-to-face health care difficult and boost his business.

Business career

He began his career in management consulting, at McKinsey & Company and AT Kearney. Howard went on to co-found FastMail in 1999 and Optimal Decisions Group. He later joined Kaggle, an online community for data scientists, as President and Chief Scientist.

In August 2014, he was the CEO and Founder at Enlitic, an advanced machine learning company in San Francisco using algorithms "to make "clinical decision support tools faster, more accurate, and more accessible" - i.e. pushing local doctors and face-to-face diagnosis out of the medical system. This push has been reinforced by the COVID-19 event, where corporations involved in digitization, like Enlitic, stand to make a fortune. This is a huge conflict of interest.

Howard's business interest in digitization of diagnostic health dovetails nicely with the attempt to make face-to-face contact in the health system almost impossible.

A similar digitization, an abandonment of face-to-face interaction, has also been an important goal for similar entrepreneurs and corporations the school system.


He is one of the founders of Masks4All stated to be "an all-volunteer org" that from the very beginning of COVID-19 in March 2020 "started and powered the movement for people and Governments to follow the overwhelming scientific evidence that shows we need to wear homemade masks in public to slow COVID-19".[2]

The campaign - with signs of being astroturf - claims that as a result of their lobby activities, at the end of March 2020 "the world heard our message and took action on a scale much greater than we ever could have imagined"...."as a result, many health and government leaders re-examined the science and changed their opinions."


Howard teaches data science at company Singularity University. He is also a Young Global Leader selected by the World Economic Forum, and spoke at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2014 on "Jobs For The Machines."[3]

Together with Rachel Thomas, he is the co-founder of, a research institute dedicated to make Deep Learning.


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WEF/Annual Meeting/201422 January 201425 January 2014Switzerland
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