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(Journalist, Filmmaker, Musician)
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Interests • Propaganda
• QAnon
• Peace movement

Robbie Martin is the brother of Abby Martin and the producer of American Bisque, American Anthrax and A Very Heavy Agenda,[1][2] which analysis on how the wars in the middle east after 9-11 were sold to the american public through media and television by members of PNAC.[3] He writes for

Fake beheading video 2004

In 2004 he produced a beheading video with two friends named: "American soldier beheaded in Iraq" and uploaded it to a file sharing network.[4][5][6] The video was picked up and reported about by the commercially-controlled media as a news item from the Iraq war. When it was discovered that it is a fake, Fox News reacted outraged[7] and according to Martin, Associated Press tried and succeeded in getting one of the film-makers fired from his job.[8]


A Quote by Robbie Martin

QAnon“[...] its very interesting how powerful this conspiracy has become. When it is essentially, just really a partisan weapon. When you really boil it down to what it's accomplishing, in the political sphere. Now in the sphere of, you know, alternative narratives, or having nuanced discussions about conspiracy's - what its done in that world, it's helped toxify it. It's helped narrow the framework and it's helped dumb it down to the point where people are believing much dumber, much more oversimplified, much more just garbagey things that don't make sense, compared to earlier iterations of the overall conspiracy movement.”


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