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Countries with a party member of International Democrat Union in government, as of February 2017
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HeadquartersOslo, Norway
LeaderChairman of the International Democrat Union
Membership• Democratic Party of Albania
• Liberal Party of Australia
• Austrian People's Party
• Republican Proposal
• Azerbaijan National Independence Party
• Social Democrat Movement
• Party of Democratic Action
• Party of Democratic Progress
• Brazil Democrats
• Union of Democratic Forces
• Conservative Party of Canada
• Independent Democratic Union
• National Renewal
• Kuomintang
• Colombian Conservative Party
• Democratic Center
• Croatian Democratic Union
• Democratic Rally
• Civic Democratic Party
• Conservative People's Party
• Dominica Freedom Party
• National Progressive Force
• Ecuador Social Christian Party
• Nationalist Republican Alliance
• Pro Patria and Res Publica Union
• European People's Party
• Alliance of European Conservatives and Reformists
• Finnish National Coalition Party
• The Republicans (France)
• United National Movement (Georgia)
• Christian-Democratic Movement
• Christian Democratic Union
• Christian Social Union of Bavaria
• Ghana/New Patriotic Party
• New Democracy
• New National Party
• Guatemala Unionist Party
• National Party of Honduras
• Fidesz
• Iceland Independence Party
• Bharatiya Janata Party
• Jamaica Labour Party
• Liberty Korea Party
• Lebanese Forces
• Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats
• Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization – Democratic Party for Macedonian National Unity
• National Action Party
• Maldivian Democratic Party
• Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova
• Mongolia/Democratic Party
• Movement for Changes
• Istiqlal Party
• New Zealand/National Party
• Nicaragua/Conservative Party
• Norway/Conservative Party
• Panama/Democratic Change
• Peru/Christian People's Party
• CDS – People's Party
• Democratic Party of Serbia
• Slovenian Democratic Party
• Spain/People's Party
• Sri Lanka/United National Party
• Sweden/Moderate Party
• Forum for Democratic Change
• UK/Conservative Party
• Democratic Unionist Party
• Republican Party
• Project Venezuela

The International Democrat Union is an international alliance of political parties.


Known members

5 of the 69 of the members already have pages here:

Christian Democratic UnionThe largest political party in Germany.
Christian Social UnionThe largest political party in Bavaria.
Conservative PartyRuling political party of the United Kingdom
Liberal Party of AustraliaSees itself as state-bearing party
Republican Party


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