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(soldier, special force soldier, military contractor)
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Jim Hawes was a member of SEAL Team 2 (Class 29) and a CIA Contractor who gained notoriety by starting the "Congolese Navy" (Force Navale Congolaise) in support of CIA backed "Mad Mike" Hoare's exploits to put down the Rebellion in the Congo. Jim also hunted for Che Guevara who was in that part of the world at the time stirring up his brand of communism.

Lt. James "Jim" M. Hawes is a retired U.S. Navy SEAL (Class 29 attached SEAL Team 2) and contractor for the CIA. Jim served with Navy SEAL Team 2 in Vietnam and later as a CIA Contractor in the Congolese Operation.

Congolese Operation

Jim was a CIA Contractor in the Congolese Operation[1] who created and maintained the "Congolese Navy" known as "Force Navale Congolaise" that operated within Lake Tanganyika in the Congo. Jim's main task was to intercept weapons and other materials used by the Rebels. He also supported ground operations spearheaded by Col. "Mad Mike" Hoare and 5 Commando Mercenary). Jim also worked closely with Rip Robertson who led 5 Commando's support unit in reserve made up of 17 well armed Cuban exiles. Another task Jim performed was to try and track down Che Guevara.

Che was leading over 200 Cubans and Soviet fighters that had joined the campaign with the Rebels. Jim was totally surprised to learn of this occurrence and took on the additional task to try and catch Che and intercept any Cubans and Soviets fighting with the Rebels.

Cold War Action

Hawes was active in the Cold War.[2]

Vietnam Days

Hawes was active in the Vietnam War.[3]