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(Author, Investigator, Journalist)
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Interests • Franklin child prostitution ring
• Epstein Affair
Author who wrote the second substantial book on the Franklin child prostitution ring.

Nick Bryant is the author of: The Franklin Scandal: A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse & Betrayal (2012). For this book he investigated the circumstances of the Franklin child prostitution ring, visited the places and searched for the survivors.

Another book he worked on is: Confessions of a D.C. Madam: The Politics of Sex, Lies, and Blackmail with Henry Vinson (Trineday 2015).[1]

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A Document by Nick Bryant

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)
Document:The Franklin Scandalbook introduction1 January 2008The Pedophocracy
Franklin child prostitution ring


Quotes by Nick Bryant

Franklin child prostitution ring“The Franklin scandal is about an interstate pedophile network that flew kids from coast to coast. What we are seeing with Jeffrey Epstein, we saw in the Franklin scandal, although I think the Franklin pandering network was much, much bigger than Jeffrey Epstein’s network. There were two primary pimps. There was a pimp in Nebraska, Larry King. He was getting children that had fallen through the cracks, from foster-care homes, from Boy’s Town Orphanage and from some other institutions. There was another pimp living in Washington, DC, who was involved in this, Craig Spence, who had his home wired for audio-visual blackmail. Anybody who took part in any of those parties at Craig Spence’s home was definitely blackmailed. Social services ultimately found out about that network and they went to both state and federal law enforcement. These social service personnel were simply ignored by both federal and state law enforcement – just ignored. However, ultimately, there was an investigation because one of the accused pedophiles, Larry King, had embezzled $40 million from the Franklin Savings and Loan, which he was manager of. They formed a sub-committee to look at King’s embezzlement of money. And as soon as the committee formed, the social services personnel went and said, "Larry King is a thief but he’s also a pedophilic pimp." And then they started to look into it and that’s when things started to happen...”16 January 2020ISSTD News
Craig Spence“In November 1989, Craig Spence’s body was found in a room at Boston’s Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Next to it, on the bed, was a newspaper clipping about then-CIA Director William Webster attempting to protect CIA agents summoned to testify before government bodies. The Washington Post reported that Spence had been subpoenaed by the grand jury investigating Vinson. His death was ruled a suicide.”1 January 2008Document:The Franklin Scandal
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