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Group.png Creighton University  
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HeadquartersOmaha, Nebraska, USA
TypePrivate Research
Other nameBluejays
Private, Jesuit university in Nebraska.

Creighton University is a private, Jesuit university in Omaha, Nebraska. Founded by the Society of Jesus in 1878, the university is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. In 2015 the university enrolled 8,393 graduate and undergraduate students on a 140-acre (57 ha)[1] campus just outside Omaha's downtown business district.


The university was founded as Creighton College on September 2, 1878, through a gift from Mary Lucretia Creighton, who stipulated in her will that a school be established in memory of her husband, prominent Omaha businessman Edward Creighton. Edward's brother, John A. Creighton, is credited with fostering and sustaining the university's early growth and endowment. In 1958, the college split into a prep school and the present-day Creighton University.[2]

Notable alumni

There are more than 68,470 living alumni of Creighton University in 93 countries. Nearly 30 percent live in Nebraska. The largest number of alumni outside the United States reside in Canada, Japan, and Malaysia

Politics, military, and law

Authors, media, and entertainment


  • Jackie Gaughan, former casino owner
  • Cathy Hughes, founder and chairman of Radio One, first African American woman to head a publicly traded corporation, namesake of Howard University's School of Communications

Science and medicine



Alumni on Wikispooks

Chris EliasUSHealth bureaucratDoctor and Bill Gates protege, A Spreading Plague, Event 201
Paul Gosar22 November 1958USPolitician
Philip Klutznick9 July 190714 August 1999US
Deep state operative
Seth Rich3 January 198910 July 2016Programmer
Clinton body count
A Washington DC staffer who was murdered for unclear reasons, and whom Julian Assange hinted may have been a source for Wikileaks. The FBI claimed for 4 years they had no data on him, later admitting that they had thousands of pages of documents and his laptop.
Leo Ryan5 May 192518 November 1978Politician
A known critic of the CIA who was murdered in Jonestown, Guyana.