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Status: experimental
This property to tag pages with their parent's FULLPAGENAME so this can be easily referenced from SMW.

RDF logic:
  • Subject:      All pages in the wiki
  • Predicate:  Has parentFullPageName
  • Object:        The names of all pages with subpages, including namespace (type Page)

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Page nameHas parentFullPageName
2001 Anthrax attacks/Timeline2001 Anthrax attacks
Iraq War/Opposition2003 Iraq War
2014 Ukraine coup/Geneva agreement2014 Ukraine coup
Ukraine coup 2014/Parliament grants limited self-rule2014 Ukraine coup
2014 Ukraine coup/Forged antisemitic leaflets2014 Ukraine coup
2014 Ukraine coup/Odessa massacre2014 Ukraine coup
2014 Ukraine coup/ATO map 16 JUL 20142014 Ukraine coup
2014 Ukraine coup/Maidan snipers2014 Ukraine coup
Ukraine coup 2014/Timeline2014 Ukraine coup
2014 Ukraine coup/Civil war2014 Ukraine coup
7/7 Terror and Torture7
9/11 - Who Really Benefitted9
9/11 Insider Trading9
9-11/United Airlines Flight 93 and Shanksville9-11
9-11/Joint Congressional Inquiry9-11
9-11/Insider Trading9-11
9-11/Compensation fund9-11
9-11/Israel did it9-11
9-11/WTC Controlled demolition9-11
9-11/Aircraft Wreckage9-11
9-11/Truth movement9-11
9-11/Premature death9-11
9-11/The 19 Hijackers9-11
9-11/Air Defence9-11
9-11/Media response9-11
9-11/Israel did it/Israeli art scam9-11/Israel did it
9-11/Israel did it/Dancing Israelis9-11/Israel did it
Elliott Abrams/Foreign Policy HawkElliott Abrams
Babar Ahmad/TimelineBabar Ahmad
All You Need to Know about 9/11 to Prove it was an "Inside Job"All You Need to Know about 9
Architects & Engineers for 9/11 TruthArchitects & Engineers for 9
ArmorGroup/North AmericaArmorGroup
John F. Kennedy/Assassination/Shots FiredJohn F. Kennedy/Assassination
John F. Kennedy/Assassination/Witness pinpoints windowJohn F. Kennedy/Assassination
John F. Kennedy/Assassination/Fake secret service agent pulled overJohn F. Kennedy/Assassination
John F. Kennedy/Assassination/Evidence to Washington DCJohn F. Kennedy/Assassination
John F. Kennedy/Assassination/TimelineJohn F. Kennedy/Assassination
John F. Kennedy/Assassination/PerpetratorsJohn F. Kennedy/Assassination
John F. Kennedy/Assassination/Cover-upJohn F. Kennedy/Assassination
BAE Systems/ProductsBAE Systems
BAE Systems/DetailsBAE Systems
BAE Systems/LobbyingBAE Systems
BAE Systems/CrimesBAE Systems
BBC/Terrorism ReportingBBC
BBC/Censorship/Nuclear WeaponsBBC/Censorship
Bank for International Settlements/General ManagerBank for International Settlements
Bank of Canada/GovernorBank of Canada
Joe Biden/Pledges support for YatsenyukJoe Biden
Bilderberg/Steering committeeBilderberg
Bilderberg/Steering committee/ChairmanBilderberg/Steering committee
Bloody Sunday/PerpetratorsBloody Sunday - 1972
Gerald Bull/AssassinationGerald Bull
Chris Busby/Research on The Health Risks of RadiationChris Busby
Bush Cheney Rumsfeld and 9/11Bush Cheney Rumsfeld and 9
George W. Bush/Torture IndictmentGeorge W. Bush
CIA/Drug traffickingCIA
CIA/Near East and South Asia DivisionCIA
CIA/Directorate of OperationsCIA
CIA/Operations in AngolaCIA
CIA/Directorate of PlansCIA
CONTEST/Prevent/Official narrativeCONTEST/Prevent
John Urquhart Cameron/Lockerbie Forensic Evidence ReportJohn Urquhart Cameron
Center for Security Policy/Affiliations and FundingCenter for Security Policy
Center for Security Policy/ControversiesCenter for Security Policy
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention/MMR vaccine fraudCenters for Disease Control and Prevention
Chatham House/ChairChatham House
Chatham House/PresidentChatham House
Chemical Weapons/British use in IraqChemical Weapons
Chile/1973 coup d'étatChile
Winston Churchill/Chemical Weapon UseWinston Churchill
Hillary Clinton/Private email serverHillary Clinton
Conspiracy theory/Public attitudesConspiracy theory
Control Risks/Information ServicesControl Risks
Corporate media/Deep state controlCorporate media
Corporate media/ConsolidationCorporate media
Council on Foreign Relations/InfluenceCouncil on Foreign Relations
Council on Foreign Relations/PresidentCouncil on Foreign Relations
Jo Cox/MurderJo Cox
Cryptome/Principled Leaks, Deep State Agency - or a bit of both?Cryptome
David Hume Institute/PublicationsDavid Hume Institute
David Kelly/Death/Hutton InquiryDavid Kelly/Death
Deep state/Supranational natureDeep state
Defense Policy Board Advisory Committee/ChairDefense Policy Board Advisory Committee
German Federal Bank/PresidentDeutsche Bundesbank
DEA/InfiltrationDrug Enforcement Administration
Ebola/2014 eventEbola
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission/ChairEqual Employment Opportunity Commission
FBI/Criminal Cyber Response and Services BranchFBI
FBI/National Security BranchFBI
FBI/Directorate of IntelligenceFBI
Federal Reserve System/The Money Creation ProcessFederal Reserve System
Federal Reserve System/New YorkFederal Reserve System
David Ferrie/Mysterious driveDavid Ferrie
Foreign Affairs Select Committee/ChairForeign Affairs Select Committee
Vince Foster/DeathVince Foster
Germany/Gold reservesGermany
Greece/Justice movementGreece
Greece/Debt crisisGreece
Guantanamo Bay detention camp/Prisoners' appeals in Washington courtsGuantanamo Bay detention camp
Guantanamo Bay Naval Base/Cuban workersGuantanamo Bay detention camp
Guantanamo Bay detention camp/Periodic Review BoardGuantanamo Bay detention camp
Dag Hammarskjöld/DeathDag Hammarskjöld
Patrick Haseldine/Encounters with criticsPatrick Haseldine
Help/If enHelp
Home Affairs Select Committee/ChairHome Affairs Select Committee
Homeland Security Advisory Council/ChairHomeland Security Advisory Council
Homeland Security Advisory Council/Vice ChairHomeland Security Advisory Council
Intelligence agency/ListIntelligence agency
Iran/1953 coup d'étatIran
Iran/Nuclear WeaponsIran
Islamic News/Jehad is Crap!Islamic News
Israel/Defence MinistryIsrael
Israel/Violations of Lebanese sovereigntyIsrael
Israel/Samson OptionIsrael
Israel/Defense ForcesIsrael
Israel/Defense Forces/T-shirt affairIsrael/Defense Forces
JPMorgan Chase/Premature DeathsJPMorgan Chase
John F. Kennedy/Assassination/Air Force One/Leaves Fort WorthJohn F. Kennedy/Assassination/Air Force One
John F. Kennedy/Assassination/Air Force One/AirborneJohn F. Kennedy/Assassination/Air Force One
John F. Kennedy/Motorcade/Leaves Lovefield AirportJohn F. Kennedy/Motorcade
Johns Hopkins University/Terrorism expertiseJohns Hopkins University
Lyndon Johnson/Appoints Hoover as FBI DirectorLyndon Johnson
Isaac Kaye/Business activitiesIsaac Kaye
David Kelly/DeathDavid Kelly
John F. Kennedy/AssassinationJohn F. Kennedy
John F. Kennedy/MotorcadeJohn F. Kennedy
Robert F. Kennedy/AssassinationRobert F. Kennedy
Martin Luther King/AssassinationMartin Luther King
Korean War/Biological warfareKorean War
Stephen Lawrence/MurderStephen Lawrence
Le Cercle/Chairman (Europe)Le Cercle
Le Cercle/Chairman (USA)Le Cercle
Le Cercle/MeetingsLe Cercle
Le Cercle/Meetings/1982 (Washington)Le Cercle/Meetings
Le Cercle/Meetings/1980 (Zurich)Le Cercle/Meetings
Le Cercle/Meetings/1983 (Bonn)Le Cercle/Meetings
Le Cercle/Meetings/1984 (Capetown)Le Cercle/Meetings
Le Cercle/Meetings/1984 (Bonn)Le Cercle/Meetings
Le Cercle/Meetings/1982 (Wildbad Kreuth)Le Cercle/Meetings
Le Cercle/Meetings/1985 (Washington)Le Cercle/Meetings
Lee Harvey Oswald/Post-shooting Custody/Visit from H. Louis NicholsLee Harvey Oswald/Post-shooting Custody
John Lennon/AssassinationJohn Lennon
Lockheed/Bribery scandalsLockheed
Patrice Lumumba/MurderPatrice Lumumba
MI5/A BranchMI5
MI5/D BranchMI5
MI5/B BranchMI5
MI5/H BranchMI5
MI5/F BranchMI5
MI5/K BranchMI5
MI5/E BranchMI5
MI5/T BranchMI5
MI5/C BranchMI5
MI5/G BranchMI5
MI5/G Branch/DirectorMI5/G Branch
MI5/H Branch/DirectorMI5/H Branch
MI5/T Branch/DirectorMI5/T Branch
Main Page/ArchiveMain Page
Making sense of the media cover-up of 9/11Making sense of the media cover-up of 9
Malaysia Airlines Flight 17/ATC lost contact confirmedMalaysia Airlines Flight 17
Malaysia Airlines Flight 17/Russia's questions to UkraineMalaysia Airlines Flight 17
Malaysia Airlines Flight 17/TimelineMalaysia Airlines Flight 17
Malaysia Airlines Flight 17/First altitude changeMalaysia Airlines Flight 17
Malaysia Airlines Flight 17/Criminal InvestigationMalaysia Airlines Flight 17
Malaysia Airlines Flight 17/Last ADS-B contactMalaysia Airlines Flight 17
Malaysia Airlines Flight 17/Competing theoriesMalaysia Airlines Flight 17
Malaysia Airlines Flight 17/Leaves departure gateMalaysia Airlines Flight 17
Malaysia Airlines Flight 17/TakeoffMalaysia Airlines Flight 17
Malaysia Airlines Flight 17/First reports of crashMalaysia Airlines Flight 17
Malaysia Airlines Flight 17/Black-boxes/Arrival in UKMalaysia Airlines Flight 17/Black-boxes
Malaysia Airlines Flight 17/Investigation/Censorship agreementMalaysia Airlines Flight 17/Investigation
Nelson Mandela/Lockerbie involvementNelson Mandela
Martin Luther King/Assassination/PerpetratorsMartin Luther King/Assassination
Mass murder in Brussels/Media manipulationMass murder in Brussels
Mass surveillance/TechnologyMass surveillance
Abdelbaset al-Megrahi/Compassionate releaseAbdelbaset al-Megrahi
Metropolitan Police/Anti-Terrorist BranchMetropolitan Police
Hilda Murrell/Outstanding questionsHilda Murrell
National Intelligence Service (South Africa)/LeaderNational Intelligence Service (South Africa)
NSA/Boundless InformantNational Security Agency
National Transportation Safety Board/ChairmanNational Transportation Safety Board
Norway's 9/11: The Horror Is In The MessageNorway's 9
Operation Gladio/BOperation Gladio
Lee Harvey Oswald/AssassinationLee Harvey Oswald
Lee Harvey Oswald/Taken to press conferenceLee Harvey Oswald
Lee Harvey Oswald/Talked to by FBILee Harvey Oswald
Lee Harvey Oswald/Final conversationLee Harvey Oswald
Lee Harvey Oswald/Letter to Mr. HuntLee Harvey Oswald
Lee Harvey Oswald/Arrested at Texas theatreLee Harvey Oswald
Olof Palme/AssassinationOlof Palme
Pan Am Flight 103/Continuing DoubtsPan Am Flight 103
Lockerbie Bombing/Official NarrativePan Am Flight 103
Pan Am Flight 103/Cover-upPan Am Flight 103
Pan Am Flight 103/Fatal Accident InquiryPan Am Flight 103
Pan Am Flight 103/The TrialPan Am Flight 103
Patrick Haseldine/Suppressed Lockerbie evidence ignited 9-11 attacksPatrick Haseldine
Patrick Haseldine/Encounters with criticsPatrick Haseldine
Peru/Truth and Reconciliation CommissionPeru
President's Intelligence Advisory Board/ChairPresident's Intelligence Advisory Board
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom/ListPrime Minister of the United Kingdom
Project for the New American Century/Iraq WarProject for the New American Century
RAND Corporation/St Andrews databaseRAND Corporation
RAND/Terrorism expertiseRAND Corporation
RAND/Terrorism Chronology DatabaseRAND Corporation
Ronald Reagan/Assassination attemptRonald Reagan
Remembrance Sunday/A meditationRemembrance Sunday
Jack Ruby/Wires money orderJack Ruby
Rupert Sheldrake/VideoRupert Sheldrake
Servizio Informazioni Difesa/DirectorServizio Informazioni Difesa
South Africa/Nuclear weaponsSouth Africa
South Africa/Nuclear weapons/1989 Sell OffSouth Africa/Nuclear weapons
South Korea/Prime MinisterSouth Korea
South Korea/National Intelligence ServiceSouth Korea
South Korea/PresidentSouth Korea
Special Operations Executive/SO.1Special Operations Executive
Stop Islamisation of Europe/EnglandStop Islamisation of Europe
The 7/7 Inquest BeginsThe 7
The BRICS/SCO Summit(s) in Ufa Marks the Start of a Silk World OrderThe BRICS
The Dangerous Cult of 9/11The Dangerous Cult of 9
The Deep State and 9/11The Deep State and 9
The Establishment/Incitements to MurderThe Establishment
J. D. Tippit/MurderJ. D. Tippit
Turkey/Deep stateTurkey
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission/ChairU.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
UK/Foreign Policy/DeathsUK/Foreign Policy
US/Nuclear weaponsUSA
US/Efforts to Suppress Democracy since 1945USA
US/Foreign Assassinations since 1945USA
USS Liberty Incident/Reliable SourcesUSS Liberty Incident
Ukraine/2014 presidential electionUkraine
United Kingdom/TortureUnited Kingdom
UK/2015 General electionUnited Kingdom
UK/PropagandaUnited Kingdom
UK/PoliceUnited Kingdom
United Nations/Security CouncilUnited Nations
UN/Office On Drugs and CrimeUnited Nations
United Nations/General AssemblyUnited Nations
United Nations/Security Council/Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive DirectorateUnited Nations/Security Council
United Nations/Security Council/Resolutions Critical of IsraelUnited Nations/Security Council
United Nations/Security Council/VetoesUnited Nations/Security Council
United Nations/Security Council/Counter-Terrorism CommitteeUnited Nations/Security Council
United States/Foreign policyUnited States
United States/Police stateUnited States
United States/MafiaUnited States
United States/Deep stateUnited States
United States Central Command/Media outreachUnited States Central Command
United States House Committee on Agriculture/ChairUnited States House Committee on Agriculture
United States House Committee on House Administration/ChairUnited States House Committee on House Administration
United States Senate Committee on Agriculture Nutrition and Forestry/ChairUnited States Senate Committee on Agriculture Nutrition and Forestry
United States Senate Committee on Appropriations/ChairUnited States Senate Committee on Appropriations
United States Senate Committee on Armed Services/ChairUnited States Senate Committee on Armed Services
United States Senate Committee on Commerce Science and Transportation/ChairUnited States Senate Committee on Commerce Science and Transportation
United States Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources/ChairUnited States Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources
United States Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works/ChairUnited States Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works
United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations/ChairUnited States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations
United States Senate Committee on Health Education Labor and Pensions/ChairUnited States Senate Committee on Health Education Labor and Pensions
United States Senate Committee on Rules and Administration/ChairUnited States Senate Committee on Rules and Administration
United States Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship/ChairUnited States Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship
United States Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs/ChairUnited States Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs
United States Senate Committee on the Budget/ChairUnited States Senate Committee on the Budget
United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary/ChairUnited States Senate Committee on the Judiciary
United States Senate Select Committee on Ethics/ChairUnited States Senate Select Committee on Ethics
United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence/ChairUnited States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence
United States Senate Special Committee on Aging/ChairUnited States Senate Special Committee on Aging
United States dollar/hegemonyUnited States dollar
United States/Foreign policy/Since 1945United States/Foreign policy
United States/Foreign policy/Middle EastUnited States/Foreign policy
Unites States/National securityUnites States
University of Chicago/Law SchoolUniversity of Chicago
Diana Princess of Wales/DeathDiana Princess of Wales
Diana Princess of Wales/InquestDiana Princess of Wales
Watergate coup/Set-upWatergate coup
Paul Wellstone/AssassinationPaul Wellstone
Wikipedia/System gamersWikipedia
Wikipedians in disrepute - "Vzaak/Manul"Wikipedians in disrepute - "Vzaak
World War I/GenesisWorld War I
World War I/Key PlayersWorld War I
World War II/Attack on Pearl HarborWorld War II
World War II/LegacyWorld War II
World War II/AftermathWorld War II
World War IIWorld War II
World War II/Operation Market GardenWorld War II
Malcolm X/AssassinationMalcolm X
Zionism/Political ViolenceZionism
Zionist denials/Post 2000Zionist denials
Mahmoud al-Mabhouh/AssassinationMahmoud al-Mabhouh
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