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Concept.png 1970s/Murders

This list is of people who were murdered, but might not have been specifically targeted. For assassination victims, see 1970s/Assassinations.

Murder victims of the 1970s.


Murdered in the 1970s

Wikispooks pageBornDiedSummaryDescription
Francisco Caamaño11 June 193216 February 1973Soldier
Daniel Mitrione4 August 192010 August 1970Police officer
Deep state operative
US policeman turned spook who taught torture techniques to police in South America.
Aldo Moro23 September 19169 May 1978
Robert Nairac31 August 194815 May 1977Soldier
Mino Pecorelli14 September 192820 March 1979Journalist
Leo Ryan5 May 192518 November 1978Politician
A known critic of the CIA who was murdered in Jonestown, Guyana.
Dave Yaras1974JFK/Assassination/Premature deathFriend of Jack Ruby