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An image of the "great depression" in the US.
A military build up in Europe culminated in World War II.

The 1930s was a time of increasing concern about fascism in Europe.

Great depression

In the US particularly, widespread poverty was labelled the "great depression".

Military build up in Europe

The 1930s saw a rise in fascism in Europe, and a large military build up. Some Wall St investors, such as Prescott Bush[citation needed] and Brown Brothers Harriman helped Fritz Thyssen finance Adolf Hitler.[1]

World War II

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In 1939, Adolf Hitler's Germany staged a false flag incident, the Gleiwitz Incident, and then invaded Poland. UK and France declared war as a response.

Reefer Madness

In USA, an intense anti-marijuana movement coalesced with an anti-Chicano; since marijuana was associated with Mexican-Americans, a ban on marijuana was seen as a way of discouraging Mexican-American subcultures from developing.[2] The 1937 Marijuana Tax Act levied an almost prohibitive tax on the drug and it was alleged to be a "gateway drug" that lead to heroin use[3], as promoted by the film Reefer Madness.