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Employment.png Alabama/Attorney General 
(Attorney General)
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The chief defender of the laws of Alabama.

The attorney general of Alabama is an elected, constitutional officer of the State of Alabama. The office of the attorney general is located at the state capitol in Montgomery, Alabama. Henry Hitchcock was elected Alabama's first attorney general in 1819.


As is common in many states, the attorney general is the chief lawyer of the state. He is called upon as the chief defender of the laws of Alabama, the lawyer for state officials and represents the state in all matters brought before a court of law or tribunal. The attorney general (AG) also provides advisory opinions to local and state governments when questions arise about the constitutionality of proposed laws and regulations. It is the task of the AG to represent the state when questions arise concerning various criminal sentences including the death penalty.

From time to time the AG may begin legal proceedings on behalf of the state or on behalf of consumers damaged by illegal or bad faith commercial transactions.


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