American Council on Germany/Young Leaders/1982

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Group.png American Council on Germany/Young Leaders/1982
(American Council on Germany/Young Leaders)Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
Membership• Christian J. Ahrenkiel
• Wolfgang Baare-Schmidt
• Burkhard Bastuck
• Catherine Bennett
• H. Georg Brodach
• Darcie Ann Bundy
• Stephen James Chapman
• Volker Christians
• Jonathan E. Colby
• Siegfried L. Druecker
• Christopher F. Edley Jr
• James N. Ellenberger
• Ava S. Feiner
• Joachim Finn
• Richard W. Fisher
• Claude L. Gingrich
• Joshua Gotbaum
• Nicholas P. Greene
• Jürgen R. Großmann
• Raymond F. Henze III
• Peter Hünseler
• Anne Karalekas
• Christoph v. Katte
• Horst Krüger
• Barbara Lazarus
• Wolfgang Lehr
• Lance E. Lindblom
• Patrick F. Mason
• Patricia Matzye
• Shelley Metzenbaum
• Friedbert Pflüger
• Detlef Prinz
• Franklin D. Raines
• Nicolaus M. Reif
• Moni Rickmers
• Sabine Rollberg
• Gerhard Roller
• Jefferson B. Seabright
• Ottmar Schreiner
• Angela Stent
• Herbert W. Stupp
• Karl-Ferdinand Frhr. V. Thurn und Taxis
• Gregory F. Treverton
• Rosemary Trump
• Gerald Felix Warburg II
• Peter Weitz
• Matthias Wissmann
• Leah Zell

These are the American Council on Germany's Young Leaders for 1982[1]. The next cadre is at American Council on Germany/Young Leaders/1984, the previous one is at American Council on Germany/Young Leaders/1980.


Known members

4 of the 48 of the members already have pages here:

Friedbert PflügerGerman politician
Franklin D. RainesPanelist for the discussion on 'Corporate Governance: Does Capitalism Need Fixing?' at the 2002 Bilderberg. "Early retirement" in 2004 after abetting widespread accounting irregularities at Fannie Mae. One of the "25 People to Blame for the Financial Crisis" in 2008.
Gregory TrevertonSpooky US "intelligence stalwart" interested in "terrorism"
Matthias WissmannGerman politician, ACG/YL/1982, 3 Bilderbergs
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