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Concept.png Disaster/Preparation
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The tendency in the 21st century is to institutionalize and roll over various local and international "states of emergency" making them suspiciously permanent.

Preparation for Disasters and Emergencies includes CoG, emergency legislation, suspension of democracy, social control, crowd control and importantly funding with special financial instruments. The tendency in the 21st century is to institutionalize and roll over various local and international "states of emergency" making them suspiciously permanent.


Preparation for and reaction to Disasters includes funding with special financial instruments, i.e. governments accepting debts and central banks printing money. These funds flow toward tax exempt foundations and profiteers from crisis (deemed system relevant), who lobbied for preparation in the first place. Consequently, all sorts of crisis are seen as catalytic events for monopolizing power, control and profits by these NGOs and businesses.

This self-enforcing mechanism is known as moral hazard in financial theory, resulting in reduced risks for investors.

When the "solution" is the problem

Moral hazard is an example, when the proposed financial "solution" makes matters worse in the long run. Vaccines may kill more people than the disease, aerosols may cause climate change rather than prevent it, drugs sales increase in the face of hard-nosed prohibitions and "terrorism" might well be the result of the "war" against it. Paul Watzlawick attributes this phenomenon to common thinking errors in humans[1], but it might as well be a strategy for manipulating the masses, as Berne described it in the popular game: I'm only trying to help you!.[2]

Dual Security Structure

Full article: Terrorism/Preparation#Dual_Security_Structure

The US developed a ‘dual security structure’ that included both defensive forces and offensive units that would regularly challenge the defensive force structures. Such dramatic operations are conducted as realistic exercises (‘train as you fight’), but in the mass media they are presented as enemy attacks or intrusions. [3]

In 2000, US Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger confirmed that "... the US had specifically tasked units to play the role of enemy forces. These would secretly attack Western defenses worldwide in order to ‘regularly’ and ‘frequently’ test their capabilities and increase their state of readiness (...) and all this was done on a regular basis and on an agreed upon basis." [3]

Need to know basis

"Big" exercises may have smaller ones under its umbrella. The date might be picked according to foreknowledge of impending disasters to make the drill more realistic. Hand picked military personal might know, but even governments are kept in the dark: In 2020, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (slip of the tongue) tacitly admits in a somewhat contradictory statement that the COVID-19 is a “Live Exercise”, an “Operation”:

“This is not about retribution,... This matter is going forward — we are in a live exercise here to get this right.” To which president Trump retorted “you should have told us”. [4]

COVID-19 as "exercise"?

In a leaked internal report[5] Germany’s Ministry of the Interior speaks of a global false alarm, with the significance to highlight vulnerabilities and weaknesses of critical intrasructure in case of a "real pandemic"(p. 2 of the report) or real emergency. COVID-19 is labeled as a test case for perparedness and resiliance in case of a "bioterrorist attack", the report cites UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres. [6][7]



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Related Quotation

Biological weapon“The SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus features a so-called furin cleavage site (FCS), which makes the virus more infectious and virulent than it would otherwise be. Such an FCS is not known in any other SARS-like coronavirus, but it is often inserted as part of gain-of-function studies in virus research. However, similar FCS are known to occur in non-SARS-like coronaviruses, hence a natural origin cannot be excluded based on this. The furin cleavage site found in SARS-CoV-2 uses an arginine (amino acid) double codon, which is rather rare in natural coronaviruses, but quite common in engineered viruses used in lab experiments (...)”


An official example

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