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A sudden career advancement, such as might happen to a deep state functionary who attends a Bilderberg meeting

The "Bilderberg effect" or "Bilderberg boost"[1] refers to the sudden boost in a career trajectory of relatively junior officials after having attended a Bilderberg meeting. Kenneth P. Vogel used the phrase "Bilderberg effect" in 2009.[2][3] By extension, it also refers to any such spookily fast success.


The Deep State's subversion of hierarchical organisations such as national governments is carried out by deep state operatives within them, and the more senior the better. However, since the top people in hierarchies tend to be older, richer and more independent, attempting to recruit them is a risky business. By contrast, those at junior levels tend to be younger, more impressionable, and less inclined or able to blow the whistle. As a result, deep state functionaries are often recruited while still in relatively junior positions in society, and then aggressively promoted with the interference of the deep state. This process is termed the "Bilderberg effect" since it often happens to those who are 'approved' by senior deep politicians, such as may happen after attending a Bilderberg.

“[...] it's a military, political lobby. What they are doing is essentially, and they've been going ever since the 1950's remember, and I think they've now reached a stage were they do control all of our politicians really. So they make sure that there is no politician that is going to get into power in any of the NATO countries, or countries that are coming into NATO, that's not one of their puppets. And they've been extremely successful, Bilderberg, in doing that with their toxic mix of the biggest, most powerful banksters, corporations, royalty of course as well, the mass media people, the owners, not necessarily the day-to-day editors, people that actually own the media mostly are there. And what they are really doing is, they are just making sure that anybody that comes along as a potential leader, they're just checking them over -this person will do as we say- they are completely wedded to being controlled by money and blackmail -yes, they are able to speak- and it is a way of introducing them to the secret rulers of the western world if you want [...]”
Tony Gosling (February 8th, 2024)  [4]

Selected Examples

A few examples from a long list include: Margaret Thatcher, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Angela Merkel, Barack Obama, Emmanuel Macron, Peter Krogh, Ursula von der Leyen


Indra Nooyi


Olaf Scholz[5].


Olli-Pekka Heinonen

Similar effects

The effect is distinct from simple nepotism (handing out big jobs as rewards to friends) although there is an overlap. Russ Baker's Family of Secrets highlights a number of cases of spectacular career advancement.


Related Quotation

"Conspiracy theorist"German Business News: You dedicate a whole chapter to the Bilderbergers. What influence do the Bilderbergers really exert?

Jürgen Roth: Compared to the "round tables" I described, their influence is rather small. What stands out among the Bilderbergers is not so much the secrecy or the strict isolation in luxury enclaves, but who the initiators are. They are US banks and US corporations, as well as the Deutsche Bank. At its core, it is a kind of neoliberal think tank, whose members sometimes have a rather obscure biography. And they try, with more or less great success, to win over politicians who are well-disposed towards them and their goals. These in turn feel flattered when they are invited. And it is particularly revealing that only representatives of neo-liberalism are invited. Critics of capitalism will not be found there.

German Business News: Where is the line between real power and conspiracy theory? You criticize the network of the "Round Tables". What is behind it?

Jürgen Roth: There is no conspiracy theory, only the conspiracy of a small, exclusive, European, economic and political elite against the social and democratic state. Their goal is clearly an ideological revolution, the widespread implementation of a free, untamed market economy. Ulisses Garrido, the former Portuguese trade union leader and current director of the Education Department of the European Trade Union Confederation, is far from any conspiracy theory. He explained it to me like this: "What is to be achieved is a complete change in society, without the population having any say in the matter. It is undoubtedly a silent coup."


Jürgen Roth: The purpose of this silent coup is also the privatization of all state enterprises, or state or municipal real estate. The Deutsche Bank demands this particularly strongly. Companies are sold off at a ridiculous price, often to the favoured of the ruling political system. Vital areas such as education, health and social services are privatized, as in Portugal or Greece. What is practiced here is the expropriation of national property. I don't even want to know how much criminally gained capital has been invested in Greece, Spain or Portugal.”
Jürgen Roth
Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten
24 May 2014
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