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Concept.png 9-11/Whistleblowers 
Barry Jennings.jpg
Barry Jennings, minutes after being rescued from WTC7, tells ABC News that an explosion had trapped him and Michael Hess in the building.
Many people have sought to share important evidence about 9/11, using inside knowledge from a professional capacity.

Many of these are listed at 9-11/Premature death.



     Page name     ExposedDescription
Bogdan Dzakovic
David GrahamDr. David Graham is one of the more clear example of a 9/11 related death, as he reports being threatened by the FBI. He compiled a large report of his investigations into why the FBI were ignoring his warnings.
Richard GroveMarsh & McLennanLate for a meeting, Richard Grove was not in the World Trade Center when it was attacked.
Barry JenningsWTC7/ExplosionsA key 9/11 witness whose testimony contradicted the 9/11 report. He was reported dead without further explanation, aged 53. No death certificate is available on the internet, the cause of death is unknown, and his entire family went missing without explanation at the same time.
Danny Jowenko9-11/WTC7/CollapseControlled demolition expert who was famously interviewed about the collapse of WTC7
Kurt SonnenfeldOne of four FEMA photographers who were given exclusive access to Ground Zero following the September 11 Attacks in New York in 2001. After gradually coming to doubt the official narrative, his residecne was raided and he was charged with murder, a charge at first dismissed but later brought back. By this time, he had been granted refugee status in Argentina.
Michael SpringmannSaudi Arabia/Visa fraudHead of the visa section in Saudi Arabia, who blew the whistle on the granting of visas for training of terrorists and was fired as a result.


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