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Group.png Aftenposten  
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Formation14. May 1860
HeadquartersOslo, Norway
SubpageAftenposten/Editor in chief
Norwegian newspaper with high Bilderberg attendance.

Aftenposten is one of Norway's largest print and online newspapers. It has a heavily Bilderberg habit.

The media corporation Schibsted is the main owner.


Historically, Aftenposten labelled itself as "independent, conservative",[1] most closely aligning their editorial platform with the Norwegian Conservative Party. This manifested itself in blunt anti-communism during the interwar era.

After the German occupation of Norway in 1940, Aftenposten was one of very few Norwegian newspapers that was allowed to continue to be published. At the reorganization of 12 September 1941, the newspaper's editorial positions were forcibly filled by people from the pro-Nazi party Nasjonal Samling. Many of the employees in the new NS-loyal management could be picked from the editorial staff's already existing people.

During the newspaper legal settlement after the war, Aftenposten, which had had a total turnover of NOK 60.9 million during the war, and an estimated profit of NOK 3.5 million, in the autumn of 1949 entered into a confidential agreement to pay NOK. 100,000 to the Treasury[2]. In comparison, Bergens Tidende and Adresseavisen, both of which had significantly less income than Aftenposten, paid NOK 194,000 and NOK 600,000. This was due to the fact that the agreements were confidential, and that the newspapers therefore did not know how much the others had to pay. The content of these agreements first became known in 1990.

As many other newspapers had to stop operating, Aftenposten established an almost advertising monopoly during the war, which laid the foundation for the newspaper's dominant position even in the post-war period.

During the Cold War, Aftenposten was strongly anti-communist and pro-American. The newspaper was one of the strongest critics in Norway of the Soviet Union and the Norwegian Communist Party, NKP. From the beginning, the newspaper wholeheartedly supported NATO. The newspaper also marked itself early on as a supporter of European integration, and has always supported Norwegian membership of the EU.

As a bourgeois newspaper, Aftenposten has always supported the monarchy, and gives ample coverage of the royal family.

In line with the depoliticisation of the country's newspapers, the Conservative Party stamp on Aftenposten also gradually disappeared throughout the 1980s, the paper becoming more social liberal.


Employees on Wikispooks

Kjetil AlstadheimEditor2019
Per Egil HeggeWashington correspondent19621992
Per Egil HeggeEditor19841988
Per Egil HeggeJournalist19621992Evicted in 1971.
Per Egil HeggeWashington correspondent19771981
Per Egil HeggeEditor19921998
Tinius Nagell-ErichsenCEO19701983Attended Bilderberg/1982
Nils UdgaardEditor19952007


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