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Membership• Daniel Andrews
• Michael Borowick
• Daniel Mookhey
• Scott McDine
• David Bliss
• Phoebe Drake
• James Merlino
• Martin Foley
• Marsha Thomson
• Frank McGuire
• Telmo Languiller
• Judith Graley
• Xavier Williams
• Janice Munt
• David King
• Fred Nile
• Paul Green
• David Clarke
• Matthew Mason-Cox
• Gabrielle Upton
• Luke Foley
• Walt Secord
• John Barilaro
• Rick Colless
• Rob Borsak
A junket "fact-finding trip" to Israel for a large number of selected Australian journalists, politicians, political advisers, government officials, trade union officials, student leaders, and academics.

The Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) arranges a large number of junkets "fact-finding trips" to Israel for selected journalists, politicians, political advisers, government officials, trade union officials, student leaders, and academics through its Rambam Israel Fellowship Program[1][2] There are a number of associated programs doing very similar things, not all of them arranged by AIJAC, for example the Australia Israel Leadership Forum, the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies Journalists Mission, Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce and etc. For practical reasons, these programs are listed here under the heading Rambam Programs.


The participants are sent from several programs.[3]

Scott McDin, National Secretary of the Australian Workers' Union told how the junket trip is a temptation for more people than himself:

There are... some in the labor movement... who have a very strong preconception of the Israeli-Palestinian issue'... He recalled discussing his experience with a representative from a union which endorses Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions, noting that the representative subsequently enquired about the next mission.[4]



AIJAC Rambam Mission

AIJAC? Victorian State Labor Politicians


NSW Jewish Board of Deputies/AIJAC Journalists Mission to Israel, Unnamed journalist from:



NSW Parliamentary Friends of Israel


Known member

1 of the 25 of the members already have pages here:

Daniel AndrewsPolitician who came to prominence during the COVID-19 deep event.
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