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Concept.png Conspiracy Rdf-icon.png
Secret agreements to commit illegal acts.

Official narrative

Conspiracies, when groups of people secretly arrange to commit illegal acts, do happen. See this website for a large number of such event. Many however, are steadfastly denied by the keepers of the official narrative, and are minimized with the perjorative "conspiracy theory". The word "conspiracy" by contrast is rarely applied to acts by establishment groups, even when it applies.

Deep politics

Most of the deep events on Wikispooks are conspiracies - coordinated illegal acts with multiple perpetrators. All the False Flag Attacks and assassinations could be described as such, but the examples listed below are is acts which aren't well described by other substantives.



     Page name     DatePerpetratorsDescription
Dallas occupy plot2011
Iran-ContraUS/Deep state
Adnan Khashoggi
Richard Secord
Richard Armitage
Farhad Azima
Khalid bin Mahfouz
Dick Cheney
David Kimche
Porter Goss
George H. W. Bush
Robert Mueller
October surprise1980US/Deep state
George H. W. Bush
Ruhollah Khomeini


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