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Concept.png 2010s/Murders

This list is of people who were murdered, but might not have been specifically targeted. For assassination victims, see 2010s/Assassinations.

Murder victims of the 2010s.


Murdered in the 2010s

Wikispooks pageBornDiedSummaryDescription
Ronni Chasen17 October 194616 November 2010Shot and killed while driving home from the premiere of the film 'Burlesque'.
Mikhail Lesin11 July 19585 November 2015
Viktoria MarinovaOctober 2018
Philip Marshall2 February 2013Author
9-11/Premature death
CIA/Drug trafficking/Premature death
A CIA pilot who published two popular and insightful books on 9-11. He was found shot dead with his children.
Seth Rich3 January 198910 July 2016ProgrammerA Washington DC staffer who was murdered for unclear reasons, and whom Julian Assange hinted may have been a source for Wikileaks. The FBI lied that they had no records on him.
John Roll8 February 19478 January 2011JudgeA judge shot less than 72 hours after ruling against US government
Nancy Schaefer28 June 193626 March 2010Activist
Activist politician found dead, together with her husband of 52 years, declared to be a murder-suicide
J. Christopher Stevens18 April 196012 September 2012Diplomat
Ibragim Todashev22 September 198522 May 2013A friend of Boston bombings "lone nut" Tamerlan Tsarnaev who was murdered during an FBI interview.
Mahmoud al-Mabhouh14 February 196019 January 2010A senior Hamas military commander and one of the founders of the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades. He was murdered in his hotel room at the 5 star Rotana Hotel in Dubai having arrived in the country earlier that day from Syria.